NOx: Implications for Data Centre Operators

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    Tuesday02Apr 2019
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    Legislation to limit NOx is impacting operators with standby generating plant. This briefing includes definitions, policy and other things you need to know.

Oxides of Nitrogen are pollutants that affect air quality, along with Oxides of Sulphur (Sox), and particulate matter.  They come from multiple sources, including combustion.    UK Government is extremely anxious to reduce NOx levels in our air and is implementing an aggressive policy agenda to achieve this.  Data centres with diesel generators are squarely in the firing line.

We will also be producing a best practice guidance note for all operators operating diesel plant.  That should be available by end of April but in the meantime you can also refer to our existing guidance on air quality legislation which includes

Our briefing on MCPD and SGC

Cones of Pain:  generator emissions compliance roadmap

Stairway to IED Compliance

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Noxious NOX9 (pdf)

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