Presentations from 2018 SPF cluster and plenary meetings

This is the new central repository for SPF cluster and plenary meeting presentations since January 2018. 

The presentations in the repository are saved as PDFs and the date of the presentation is indicated in the title of the individual PDFs, the format is Year Month Date.

This repository is complimentary to the post-event publication of presentations in slide share format. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

  • Jo O'Riordan

    Jo O'Riordan

    Head of Spectrum Policy and Telecoms
    T 020 7331 2191
  • Sophie Weston

    Sophie Weston

    T 020 7331 2018
20180125_Plenary_Consolidated Deck (pdf)20180219_Cluster 2_DCMS 5G Programme Strategy & Structure (pdf)20180219_Cluster 2_Ofcom_Introduction to Non Operational... (pdf)20180219_Cluster 2_UK SPF_Access to 5G Spectrum for... (pdf)20180228_Cluster 1&2_Analysys Mason presentation (pdf)20180228_Cluster 1&2_Avanti_5G (pdf)20180228_Cluster 1&2_CEPT_Robert Cooper (pdf)20180228_Cluster 1&2_LS telecom_Meeting spectrum demand in... (pdf)20180228_Cluster 4_Huawei_Towards THz Bands (pdf)20180228_Cluster 4_Ofcom_WRC situation and progress_UK... (pdf)20180228_Cluster 4_UK SPF_Cluster 4 Introduction (pdf)20180229_Cluster 3_Philip Bates_Analysys Mason (pdf)20180229_Cluster 3_Tony Lavender_Plum Consulting (pdf)20180328_Cluster 4_Inmarsat WRC-19 Preparation (pdf)20180419_Plenary_Consolidated Deck (pdf)20180426_Cluster 1_ Adrian Grilli_Utility Spectrum... (pdf)20180426_Cluster 1_Janette Stewart_Introductions and aim of... (pdf)20180426_Cluster 1_Stephen Talbot_Ofcom's international... (pdf)20180426_Cluster 1_Tony Lavender_Plum Consulting - Wireless... (pdf)20180503_Cluster 3_Anil Shukla_QinetiQ_Spectrum Policy... (pdf)20180503_Cluster 3_Paul Howard_EM Risk Framework... (pdf)20180503_Cluster 3_Stephen Straughan_UK Space... (pdf)20180521_Clusters 2&3_Abhaya Sumanasena_Real Wireless (pdf)20180521_Clusters 2&3_Cliff Mason_Ofcom_Spectrum Awards... (pdf)20180521_Clusters 2&3_Nigel King_UK-WISPA TechUK Spectrum... (pdf)20180521_Clusters 2&3_Peter Curnow-Ford_Spectrum Access... (pdf)20180521_Clusters 2&3_Stephen Temple_5GIC_Dynamic Spectrum... (pdf)20180521_Clusters 2&3_Tony Lavender_ Plum Consulting (pdf)20180628_Cluster 1_Dr. Abhaya Sumanasena_Real Wireless (pdf)20180628_Cluster 1_Janette Stewart_Analysys Mason_Cluster... (pdf)20180628_Cluster 1_Jon Steel_DigitalUK (pdf)20180628_Cluster 1_Mark Waddell_Chair of the DTG PMSE Group (pdf)20180628_Cluster 1_Tim Cull_FCS_Business Radio (pdf)20180719_Plenary_Consolidated Deck (pdf)20180731_Cluster 3_BBC (pdf)20180731_Cluster 3_Lisa Roper_Information Systems and... (pdf)20180731_Cluster 3_Tony Lavender_Chair (pdf)20180912_Cluster 2_Dave Happy (pdf)20180912_Cluster 2_Dave Wright_Ruckus (pdf)20180912_Cluster 2_Dean Bubley_Disruptive... (pdf)20180912_Cluster 2_Kurt Schaubach_Federated Wireless (pdf)20180912_Cluster 2_Peter Curnow-Ford_Chair (pdf)20180924_Cluster 1_Avanti_Spectrum demand (pdf)20180924_Cluster 1_GSA View on Global Spectrum for 5G (pdf)20180924_Cluster 1_John Lillistone_Arqiva (pdf)20180924_Cluster 1_Ofcom_Review of spectrum used by Fixed... (pdf)20181018_Plenary_Consolidated Deck (pdf)20181113_Cluster 3_Adrian Grilli_Value of Spectrum_JRC (pdf)20181113_Cluster 3_Graham Murchie_G4FSG (pdf)20181113_Cluster 3_Tony Lavendar_Chair (pdf)

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