Implementing Transfers of Care and Open APIs

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    Wednesday14Mar 2018
    Meeting notes

    NHS England, NHS Digital and techUK hosted an event for vendors to explore implementing transfers of care and open APIs. Notes and slides from the event are now...

NHS England, NHS Digital and techUK hosted an event for vendors to explore implementing transfers of care and open APIs on 21 February.

By 1 October 2018, organisations will be expected to have aligned their acute inpatient discharge, emergency care discharges, mental health discharges and outpatient letters with the nationally published specifications. (NHS Standard Contract)

All organisations will be required, by 31 December 2018 to have implemented the generic record API specified by CareConnect at a minimum. (NHS Standard Contract)

The purpose of this workshop was to consider the potential barriers to implementing transfers of care and open APIs and to explore how we can overcome those barriers.

By working together there is an opportunity for vendors, NHSE and NHSD to understand the challenges, share learning and identify next steps.

The event covered:

  • Standard contract update
  • Technical specification and standard development update
  • Vendor update
  • PRSB site visit findings
  • Next steps

The event also included a breakout session to explore:

  • The barriers to implementation
  • How we overcome those barriers

Slides from the event and a document on useful links for interoperability are available for download below

PRSB_Site Visit Report.pdf (pdf)The Care Connect API Journey.pdf (pdf)TOC CareConnect Standard Contract_Final.pdf (pdf)Transfer of Care - Update_NHS Digital.pdf (pdf)Useful Links for Interoperability Areas.docx (docx)Vendor Feedback_Michael Thick_IMS Maxims.pdf (pdf)

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