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    Thursday06Aug 2020
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    Each month we ask a different world-leading expert in AI to offer their opinions on the greatest opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed to ensure we...

Since the start of the pandemic we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home and so to keep you up to speed with the latest AI developments we have established techUK’s AI Leaders Lunchtime Lecture Series.

Each month we ask a different world-leading expert in AI to offer their opinions on the greatest opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed to ensure we get our AI future right.

Each lecture not only presents the chance for attendees to increase their own knowledge and understanding of the latest innovations in AI but also to raise questions and issues for discussion.

We’ll be back in September for our next AI Leaders Lunchtime Lecture session. In the meantime, you can catch-up on any of the previous lectures you might have missed below:

3. Maya Pindeus, CEO and Co-Founder, Humanising Autonomy

Maya Pindeus provides us with an insight into how Humanising Autonomy efficiently pivoted the use of their technology to help  reduce the spread of COVID-19 and how this technology can be used post-pandemic to build smart cities. In light of their recently published ethics framework, we also discuss how Humanising Autonomy is operationalising complex ethical issues such as explainability, trust, accountability and responsibility.

Watch the full session below:

2. George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead, Willis Towers Watson

George Zarkadakis focuses in on the importance of innovative ways to improve data sharing, including the viability of data trusts beyond a piloting phase. In this session we also discuss the concept of data ownership, what this could look like in the future and how we can effectively engage with the public on these ideas.

Watch the full session here below:

1. Lord Tim Clement-Jones CBE, Chair of the Advisory Council, Institute for Ethical AI in Education, Co-Chair, APPG on AI and Former Chair, House of Lords AI Select Committee

Lord Tim Clement-Jones touches on a range of topics related to how the UK can remain a world-leader in AI, from the importance of refreshing the UK Government’s AI Sector Deal, to the need to build momentum around the concept of data trusts with more trials and serious budget commitments. Lord Tim Clement-Jones also highlights the potential devastating impact of COVID-19 on university’s ability to conduct R&D and the long-term effect this may have on the UK’s talent pipeline.

Watch the full session below:

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