NHS Digital hosts event for Social Care System Suppliers


NHS Digital hosted an event on Adult Social Care this week aimed at system suppliers operating within social care settings including care homes and domiciliary care.

The event brought them together to respond to some of the biggest challenges in the sector. The event focused on key areas to improve adult social care from a technology perspective: privacy and security, data and data sharing, open standards and common platforms and interoperability.

Pam Garraway, Senior Responsible Officer for the Social Care Programme at NHS Digital kicked off the event by outlining the need to ensure standards and interoperability are built into social care systems. Dr Phil Cozack from PRSB reemphasised the importance of standards to reduce the risk of clinical and care errors. Dr Cozack’s presentation focused on the inability of care home providers to access patient information held in NHS systems. He also noted the importance of including informal carers in our discussions to ensure they can also deliver the best care possible.

There were several lively debates and roundtable discussions on the need for greater transparency around privacy rules and data sharing as well as concerns from many of the smaller social care providers in the room around the cost of using new systems.

The event ended with a promise from NHS Digital to continue the conversation and invite more system suppliers working directly in healthcare at a larger event to create more in-depth discussions.


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