Creating jobs and supporting the economy during COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is continuing to destroy lives and livelihoods in the UK and beyond. Official figures show that millions of people have entered the government’s furlough scheme or been made redundant. Millions more now work from home full-time.

As a global leader in the recruit, train, deploy sector, and a key UK employer, FDM Group remains bullish in the face of these economic and social restrictions and optimistic that its digital skills training programmes should continue via remote working systems. The company, which specialises in equipping candidates with the latest digital skills in areas such as software development, data science and cyber security, has implemented new online programmes so that training can continue despite the chaos caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Far from shying away from its responsibilities during this difficult time, FDM Group has pledged to use its new remote IT systems to train candidates and reach people from more diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds, away from the main cities where its offices and training classrooms are traditionally based. Additionally, the company has deferred its planned dividend to shareholders and is not making use of the government’s furlough scheme, instead funding staff salaries through its own reserves.

The company has hired a total of 182 new IT trainees into its courses in the UK during the official lockdown period and has pledged to continue this trend. As part of its strategy for operating within the COVID-19 crisis, FDM successfully moved its nearly 6,000-strong employees to a remote working environment overnight, with full IT operations in place within just four days. As part of this new online programme, around 90 training classes involving 500 trainees take place every day.

Overall, since the start of the new working model the company has seen its use of Microsoft Skype increase by 700 per cent, including 6,000 discussions every day. Microsoft Teams usage has risen 4,000 per cent with over 10,000 conversation messages and 400 meetings per day.

Rod Flavell, CEO, FDM Group says:

“At its core FDM will always be a people business, relentlessly equipping, training and supporting our people to reach their full potential in their careers, and being there for them in tough times. Yes, the disruption and economic uncertainty has affected us, but that won’t stop us offering fantastic career opportunities to a new generation of incoming IT talent. We’re very proud to continue hiring during this difficult time and look forward to welcoming new candidates into our diverse team.”

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