How open source innovation helps to remedy COVID-19

Written by Matt Eckersall, Regional Director EMEA North, Sub-Sahara & South Africa at SUSE and member of the techUK’s Cloud Leadership Committee. 

Today medical professionals, researchers and governments are working tirelessly to find a remedy for COVID-19. Slowing down transmission, to relieve pressure on NHS - all the nurses, caretakers, doctors, laboratory workers and NHS administration staff will save lives. 

While trying to slow down the transmission, simultaneously researchers in universities and companies work at highest speed to learn more about the virus and develop a cure. 

Globally, people are collaborating and sharing their knowledge to defeat the pandemic. Since the end of January, the developers of the open source community have contributed to thousands of projects to fight COVID-19 such as datasets, models, visualizations, web and mobile applications, and more. A team from MIT is working on a low cost open source ventilator system that can keep patients breathing when they no longer can on their own. Many individuals and organizations are donating computing power for researchers, from private machines to big datacenters, to help run the enormous amount of data required for simulations. 

I am very proud that SUSE technology supports many of our customers that are involved in the search for a cure against COVID-19. High-speed and a huge amount of computing power enable companies like Merck, Roche or the Max-Planck-Institute to research vaccines and drugs, produce coronavirus test kits and do everything to decrypt and fight the virus. This is where SUSE solutions for high performance computing (HPC) come into play. Immense computing power and high-speed is key for all research. As an example, in combination with the human genome project researchers can work with data-driven models of human disease progression and drug response, supported by AI and ML technologies to discover a remedy for COVID-19. SUSE Linux Enterprise runs on the majority of the top 100 supercomputers that provide the necessary high-speed and computing power for COVID-19 research. 

Besides trying to survive as companies and individuals, SUSE is committed to help all organizations that are producing medical devices to fight COVID-19. Therefore we are offering free operating system and container technologies to medical device manufacturers, fighting COVID-19. This encompasses free services, such as support and maintenance for our container technologies and operating system to be embedded in and run those medical devices. 

SUSE Linux Enterprise is an operating system that can be built into, and help run, various kinds of devices, hardware and appliances. SUSE Embedded Linux comes with the highest security standards and has an optimized system footprint for specific products such as medical devices. 

Application delivery technologies from SUSE enables companies to bring applications to the cloud and devices to market faster. And of critical importance, these technologies bring security and reliability to any device they run or manage. 

Please feel free to reach out to learn more.

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