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    Thursday05Dec 2019
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    We catch up with new members Cloud Gateway; learning who they are, what they do and why they joined techUK

Tell us about Cloud Gateway?

Cloud Gateway provides a hybrid cloud connectivity platform which securely connects anything on your estate with multiple cloud service providers, the PSN, the HSCN and the internet. The platform can act as a secure central point for industry connectivity and collaboration in areas such as policing and open banking.

We have a really strong purpose driving the company, which focuses on addressing the skills gap so that companies of all sizes to have access to scarce networking expertise. We also believe that companies should be able to choose the right solution for their requirements and not get sucked in to expensive single vendor contracts.

Cloud Gateway currently works with public and private sector clients on projects to improve infrastructure and connectivity behind services, which include rehabilitation programmes to prevent and reduce further crimes being committed and applications to improve the monitoring of patients’ vital signs, therefore improving citizen and patient outcomes.

Working on these client projects has enabled an understanding of the nuanced needs, especially in security, for public services provision to improve public safety. Most importantly Cloud Gateway’s experts can help to define what technology solutions can cater to these essential and unique requirements.

The Cloud Gateway platform consists of three core products: PRISM, PRISM Lite and Simply Connect, all designed to allow organisations of any size to harness the power and flexibility of hybrid cloud and multicloud but with greater control, pace and visibility. Cloud Gateway secures internet and network traffic, including access for remote workers, with built-in flexibility to address continuous and future change and reduce operating costs. By centralising connectivity, organisations have a single, timely and accurate source of truth, ensuring regulation and legislation compliance and protecting you from cyber threats.

What’s been your biggest achievement so far?

We have a huge amount of pride in the projects we’ve worked on which affect a positive human outcome. What we mean by that is when we work on projects with customers to make a difference to people’s lives be it in general day to day living or for patient health improvements. Being a part of that - that’s hard to beat!



What is the biggest issue you face as a tech SME?

The biggest challenge that Cloud Gateway faces as a tech start-up is awareness of the brand and product offering. We have a lot of expertise in the company that we’re very proud of and want to raise awareness of this so organisations feel confident to call on us for advice on their cloud networking and cloud strategies.

We’re in a bit of a market of one at the moment - which is a great position to be in, but makes the awareness issue a slightly greater one to face.

What does the next few years look like for Cloud Gateway

The Cloud Gateway platform can be deployed in any region or country in the world. Of course, world domination is what we’re aiming for! But the next few years will probably start with launching the product and company in strategic regions to continue our growth path.

A key thing that we are aiming for is to make cloud transformation a reality for all organisations of all sizes. For smaller enterprises who need a cloud starter platform, are in a peak growth phase opening new sites, or want to adopt cloud technology to reduce their costs, Cloud Gateway will be bringing a highly technical platform to SMEs. This will be on-demand and will rapidly connect everything and everyone in their ecosystem and set up new sites ‘out of the box’ to support their scaling business. This will also open up possibilities for larger organisations who want more agile growth or who are starting their journey and want to experiment. This solution will let leaders in any organisation of any size concentrate on their role in the business growth without having to hire expensive staff with complex skill sets or pay capex and consultancy premiums.

  • Fraser Willcox

    Fraser Willcox

    Member Relations Manager
    T 020 7331 2057

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