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    Wednesday05Jun 2019
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    Say hello to Ana Perez, Senior Director for Oracle Consulting business where she is responsible for managing its operational efficiencies.

Ana is strong advocate for woman in Oracle where she is the lead for the UK chapter of OWL, Oracle Women’s Network and is a founding trustee of Smart Works Reading, a charity that helps woman back into the workplace, and has helped the charity get established since its inception in 2015. She is also a member of the TechUK Skills and diversity council.

She was also a finalist at Women in IT Awards 2019 for best diversity initiative, Everywomen 2019 Leader of the Year Awards and WinTrade award for Diversity Program in 2019. Find out what diveristy means to her.

How important is diversity to you, and what value does it bring?

Diversity is crucial to give everybody an opportunity to fully participate in society, it is quite simply the right thing to do. For us it, in a business context, also has real tangible benefits in that it brings tremendous value in diversity of thought and ideas and also it allows us to connect to a diverse customer base better.

When it comes to inclusion, how do you foster an environment where people who come from different backgrounds know you value their ideas?

When it comes to inclusion we want people to be themselves and provide them with the opportunity to be the best they can be.  We also like to learn from the skills that people bring from their life outside the work environment. I was recently at a meeting where somebody used their learnings from the sailing world to draw parallels with the work environment.

Name a skill you believe will be essential for the next generation.

Without doubt, creativity and adaptability are critical skills for the next generation and also for us.  The only thing we know for certain is that change is constant and that we what we do today will evolve in the future into jobs that we don’t even know about today, so the ability to be creative on our approach and adapt to new things will be even more critical in the future.



Find out more about techUK's Skills & Diversity Council.

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    Nimmi Patel

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