Engaging with the NHS and building a sales Pipeline

Take a read to find out how mobile solutions provider CommonTime took a leap of faith to engage external support to help it identify and contact the right decision makers to build its sales pipeline. The evidence and results are the proof it was the right decision, so read on:

Mobile solutions provider CommonTime was looking to build its sales pipeline with NHS trusts and the wider public sector for its application development products and platform and clinical messaging solution.

However, the company was struggling to engage with NHS organisations and the wider public sector and to build a sales pipeline for its products. With a relatively small marketing team, it recognised that it needed support in identifying and contacting target individuals to help secure qualified sales leads and therefore work with an agency that had the right skills, experience and market knowledge.

In 2017, it engaged Highland Marketing to run a sales acceleration campaign to create leads, opportunities and meetings with relevant decision makers.

This case study outlines the campaign and the success that it achieved, which included delivering around five qualified appointments per month. The case study is an example of how sales acceleration activity, combined with content, case studies and PR can raise awareness of new products and their potential in the NHS, and so create opportunities, leads and grow the sales pipeline. 


Please download the full case study below.

For further information or to talk to Highland Marketing please email our info@highland-marketing.com

Attachment: see attached

HM 20161028 Case Study CSC v1.0 (pdf)

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