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Atos is a global digital services firm operating in 73 countries. It provides large organisations with infrastructure and data management, business and platform solutions, big data and cyber security and operates the Worldline payment processing system. The UK and Ireland represents 13 percent of its revenue and employs ten percent of its workforce of approximately 100,000. Its customers are in: Manufacturing, Retail and Transportation; Public and Health; Financial Services; and, Telcos, Media and Utilities.


Kulveer Ranger, Vice President Strategy & Communications in UK & Ireland, says, “The future belongs to those who harness data opportunities. Growth and competitiveness depend on their ability to collect, integrate, manage and transform data into business insights and outcomes.” Atos clients choose it as a trusted partner that has a deep understanding of business and industry as well as technology to help them maintain and develop their human and IT systems.


The company believes in long term and deep relationships. As Ranger points out, “Technology isn't something that arrives and disappears. It's evolutionary. Requirements change. You must be agile, able to adapt, able to take on and support customers and suppliers when they need that support.”

As well as its own internal resources, Atos has ready access to many smaller specialist suppliers through its SME Harbour programme, which provides a simple, safe and transparent way for them to participate in serving Atos clients. A key focus is helping them to become suppliers to the public sector through the Government’s G-Cloud procurement framework.


Relationship with techUK


Atos could claim to be a founder member of techUK through its acquisition of SEMA in 2004. SEMA itself acquired CAP in 1988 and one of the founders of CAP became techUK’s first president in 1975. Except, of course, it wasn’t called techUK then; it was the Computer Services Association (CSA).

Ranger is very proud of this evidence of a long-term relationship with techUK, it echoes the company’s general preference for long-term relationships, whether with customers, suppliers or other partners and stakeholders.


He says, “We really value techUK as a key trade industry body for our sector in the UK.” Many people within Atos work closely with techUK in working groups, on councils and boards, creating papers and presenting in conferences, for example. It sits on five of the councils or boards: Health and Social Care, Justice and Emergency Services, Internet of Things, Defence and Security, and Smarter Cities (part of Smarter UK). In addition, Kulveer Ranger has recently been appointed to the main board of techUK.


techUK for its part, often participates in events and activities around Atos’s own Digital Vision thought leadership programme which has been running for two years. This aims to provide organisations with a thoughtful and informed view of the opportunities and benefits of a fully-integrated digital strategy.


techUK, the influencer


techUK is a crucible in which industry participants and its own experts work together to create a cohesive vision for each main technology and each major vertical market. It then carries the resulting intelligence into the wider world through its engagements with businesses, public sector, Government and others. Ranger notes, “We’re proud to support techUK’s work and appreciate the way that it listens to the industry and carries its message forward.”


Historically, companies like Atos spoke to CIOs, IT departments and technologists. While still important, this is no longer enough. Cyber security, as just one example, is now very much a board-level issue. Ranger says, “In this era where technology is playing such an ever increasingly important part in everybody's lives, techUK has a fundamental role to help a broader audience of stakeholders, even the general public, to understand what the technology sector can do and its potential to help deliver change.” He adds, “People need to hear what that change will feel like, what it will look like and what it means. I think techUK plays an important role in helping people understand the possibilities and the change that is coming.”


What makes techUK special


Because of its size, it is inevitable that Atos belongs to a number of industry associations and forums, but Ranger reserves special praise for techUK. He says, “techUK is a fundamental pillar for our industry in the UK and it’s why we’re very firmly a member of it, part of it and engaged with it.” He continues, “The great thing is that the organisation is open to feedback and I think it’s taken on feedback, not just from us, but from others and that’s demonstrated in the way it’s been evolving over the last few years. I think it is going from strength to strength.”

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