Credibility, reputation and business growth – Advice Cloud’s story

Advice Cloud is a public sector technology procurement specialist that works with both buyers and suppliers. Through over 80 years of combined practical experience, it understands the needs of both parties.

Many companies try, and fail, to secure public sector business simply because they don’t understand what’s expected of them. Similarly, public sector buyers often need help in finding and sourcing technology goods and services, such as IT equipment, telecommunications, network services, SaaS and cloud.

Creating visibility

In short, Advice Cloud helps all participants in procurement processes to work smarter. Unaided, about 50 percent of listed vendors fail to even be considered for public sector work. With Advice Cloud’s help, these suppliers have a much better chance of making those sales. For public sector buyers, Advice Cloud makes govtech procurement speedy, compliant, cost effective and, most importantly, responsive to citizen needs.

In many instances, procurement takes place through a framework, of which there are many. Advice Cloud makes sure that it is up to date with all current and imminent procurement frameworks so that it can advise both sides.

Enter techUK

Joining techUK in 2015 proved to be a very good experience, resulting in a significant effect on the company’s growth. It has found engagements with both buyers and suppliers particularly useful. Commercially-speaking, it has met many of its clients there through networking and events organised by techUK.

Marketing manager, Emina Demiri, says, “We have definitely received a return on investment.”

techUK has helped with Advice Cloud’s market placement and reputational growth. Its membership allows it to reach very senior people who it wouldn’t normally get to speak with. And on a very level footing. One example is the G-Cloud 10. This Government framework was expected but then delayed. techUK, Advice Cloud and other interested parties were able to put pressure on Government to bring it out more quickly. Advice Cloud couldn’t have achieved that acting alone.

Gaining credibility

The company, thanks to techUK, found itself running a joint G-Cloud clinic with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). This was just one of many opportunities for Advice Cloud to contribute its own expertise for the benefit of techUK members and visitors. It also creates posts to go on the Insight blog, a rich source of help and advice from staff and members alike.

Advice Cloud also runs ‘Winning with G-Cloud’ training at techUK, which nicely balances the giving of advice with opening potential new business opportunities.

The importance of value

As a company, Advice Cloud believes strongly that everything it does, whether paid-for or free, has to provide value on its own. In this sense, its values are very closely aligned with those of techUK, which is very happy to collaborate and promote such offerings if it feels the content is relevant to its members.

Advice Cloud has found many techUK documents to be insightful and useful. A recent example is the ‘Procuring the Smarter State’ report that offered a road map for the public sector to achieve innovation and growth. Advice Cloud found this very valuable and it revealed the depth of techUK’s policy work and its commitment to ensuring that its members’ voices were heard at a very high level.

techUK has also proved useful for upskilling staff in less familiar areas of technology, such as cyber security.

What makes techUK special?

While other membership organisations deliver specific value to Advice Cloud, the relationship with techUK has grown into one that is unquestionably symbiotic and valuable to both parties. It is always receptive to Advice Cloud’s ideas and keen to get it involved in relevant activities. This attitude, in turn encourages the company to apply more effort back to techUK.

Chris Farthing, managing director of Advice Cloud, says, “techUK just delivers. It has hugely exceeded our expectation of a membership organisation.”

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