European Union Exit Policy Group

The European Union Exit Policy Group is a forum for determining and delivering techUK’s strategy in response to Brexit. The group is made up of members with a particularly strong Brexit focus and primarily those working in public policy, public affairs or Government relations roles.

The EU Exit Policy Group works closely with other techUK programmes with specialist interest in areas affected by Brexit such as the Data Protection Group and the Trade & Customs Compliance Group.

The group works to identify and articulate Brexit issues that impact on the sector as a whole and to engage with decision makers and political stakeholders in both the UK and across the EU 27 as the negotiations progress. The group’s overall aim is to ensure that decision makers are well informed of the importance of delivering a Brexit outcome that supports the UK and European tech sector.

Chair: Matt Houlihan, Cisco Systems. Vice-Chair, Jim Bligh, Tata Consultancy Services

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