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The Transport Work Stream exists to encourage innovation in transport and highlight the crucial role of the UK tech sector in the delivery of a “digitally-enabled, interoperable, integrated and inclusive transport network that connects our citizens with multiple modes of transport services.” The programme focuses on rail, road, air, logistics and freight.

Work Programme Objectives

In 2020, we look to build upon last year’s vision for the future mobility services. The programme will:

  • Unpack key delivery aspects of techUK’s vision for the future of mobility services
  • Improve regulatory environment of the wider mobility services ecosystem and individual modes (road, rail, air, and logistics and freight)
  • Engage with industry around priorities and key challenges

Delivering future mobility services

In 2018 techUK developed a vision for the future of mobility services to provide the public and private sector with one option for the direction of the sector. In 2019, the Transport Group explored the key delivery aspects of the vision, highlighting ways in which technology and innovation can enable future mobility services through our Conference Future Mobility Services.

Under this theme of delivery, the Transport WS will focus on:

1. Net Zero Economy:

a. techUK will drive the transition to low carbon technologies and support members in their transition to a net zero economy.

b. We will address the challenge with existing assets and legacy fleet long cycle.

c. We will aim our focus at helping funders in providing and receiving the benefits of innovaion.

d. We wll work together with other groups within techUK to establish the economics of the transition to net zero.


2. Data management:

a. We will promote a coherent strategy between not only other sectors (e.g. telecoms, utilities, national data strategy), but also working with Government departments to build a coherent data strategy.

b. We will tackle the challenges around privacy, security and ownership.

c. We will lead the debate on cyber security.


3. Digital Infrastructure:

a. Digital infrastructure is key to ensuring end to end data being produced to ensure the efficiency of decision making and the creation of new services.

b. Tackling traffic management and road safety through CAV and MaaS 

c. Connectivity is essential in monitoring assets.


4. Innovation:

a. techUK will lead the debate in innovation and fragmentation.

b. We will help the industry and Government in providing the ecosystem for test beds and demonstrator scale-up.

c. We will work with industry in ensuring that the sector is ripe for technological solutions being deployed.

d. Ensure that innovation is beneficial to the consumer.


The Group's work is directed by the Transport Steering Board. The Board is made up of nominated representatives of the Transport Group: 

Pinsent Masons, Natalie Trainor (CHAIR)
Hitachi Europe, Anna Maudet
Atos, Theo Quick
Intel, Loubna Wortley
Razor Secure, Robert Brown
Uber, Benjamin Bell
PA Consulting, Warwick Goodall
B Cubed, Neville Sankey
Five AI, Lucy Yu
Athensys, Kevin Butterworth
Transport Systems Catapult, Tracy Savill


For more information, please contact:

  • Sophie James

    Sophie James

    Broadband Stakeholder Group, Central Government, Communications Infrastructure, Financial Services
    T 020 7331 2038
  • Teodora Kaneva

    Teodora Kaneva

    Programme Manager | SmarterUK
    T 020 7331 2016

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