• Digital Twins Working Group

    Digital Twins Working Group

    The DTWG has been established by techUK to streamline industry-led discussions on the regulatory, investment and policy frameworks underpinning the development of the UK’s digital twin ecosystem.

  • SmarterUK Advisory Council

    SmarterUK Advisory Council

    The SmarterUK Advisory Council sets the objectives for the SmarterUK work programme, including key areas of focus for our transport, energy and utilities, and smart communities work streams.

  • SmarterUK Group

    SmarterUK Group

    SmarterUK's vision is to connect parts of the UK economy on the cusp of the 'smart' revolution. In doing so, we hope to drive the uptake of solutions that will deliver a sustainable, low carbon transition that provides value to UK Plc and its citizens.

  • SmarterUK Smart Cities & Communities Group

    SmarterUK Smart Cities & Communities Group

    SmarterUK's Group working to create the conditions for driving smarter and more sustainable city ecosystems.

  • Smart Transport Steering Board

    Smart Transport Steering Board

    The SmarterUK Smart Transport Steering Board sets the strategic direction for the main Smart Transport workstream at techUK, seeking to achieve the annual objectives for the Group.

  • SmarterUK Smart Energy and Utilities Group

    SmarterUK Smart Energy and Utilities Group

    The Smart Energy & Utilities Programme focuses on innovation and tranformation of our power and water sectors

  • Smart Energy and Utilities Steering Board

    Smart Energy and Utilities Steering Board

    SmarterUK’s Smart Energy and Utilities Steering Board provides the strategic direction for all techUK and SmarterUK activities relating to energy and utilities and associated infrastructure deployment.

  • SmarterUK Transport Group

    SmarterUK Transport Group

    SmarterUK's Group dedicated to driving technology and innovation within the transport sector.


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