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  • Thrive - Skills  Diversity
  • Driving Digital Skills

    techUK looks at what industry and Government can do to empower people with 21st Century skills.


  • What does the announcement to end freedom of movement actually mean?

    Vinous Ali, Associate Director for Policy, explores what ending freedom of movement on 31 October would actually entail.


  • techUK launches guide showing the pathways into the tech sector

    techUK wants to promote tech careers and make the case for an inclusive and open sector, regardless of age, background or education. This website offers a clear introduction to the variety of routes that can be taken into tech, bringing information together in one place to help people find a route that works for them.


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Your Journey into Tech

Often there is a lack of awareness of the diversity of career opportunities in the digital sector and how to get to them. Find here our careers pathways guide.


techUK Skills & Diversity Council

The Council looks at ways to shift the dial on diversity and inclusion in the tech sector, by developing best practices that improve the recruitment of diverse individuals.


Women in Tech

By encouraging women to enter and thrive in the tech industry at all levels we become more robust, more competitive and more innovative.


Programme Actions

Digital skills are the fundamental building blocks of a world-leading digital economy. It is only with cutting-edge talent that the UK can be a leader in tech.


Get involved

Whether you are part of the tech industry or the wider skills and diversity community, there are many benefits to participating in our programme.


Returners Hub

A one-stop-shop for people looking to return to work.


Early Tech Career Network

Established to bring together individuals at member companies who are new to the tech sector to network, share experiences and learn about specific tech.



All four providers have launched 5G in some form but what does this mean for consumers and enterprise? https://t.co/CjrqXUUY5r
techUK comments on the revised Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration here: https://t.co/tCRAwMvsoa https://t.co/CrCbI5AcQ1
Check out all the pics from the #techUKJES reception 2019 on our Flick account https://t.co/8yhFDeIV54 A big thank… https://t.co/Y2ScJVBuJg
@TheABB @ChannelSwimSue @TheABB There is a direct link to the report here: https://t.co/tQM0drjyuy. We are a member… https://t.co/Iz2DAxr9hO
Take part in the @DigiLeaders Insight Live Week from the 4-8 November featuring techUK's @ChannelSwimSue with a web… https://t.co/EQPbbZYD0N
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