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World-leading communications infrastructure underpins the UK’s aim of an open digital economy that works for everyone. Communications networks are the life-blood of the UK’s digital applications, services and solutions, and a key component of this ambition will be in incentivising investment and innovation in this sector. Satellites provide unique connectivity solutions, e.g. backhaul, providing broadband and Internet Of Things connectivity to challenging locations.

Additionally, satellites play a crucial role in resilience, with Positioning, Navigation and Timing services, the value of which to UK plc was recognised in the Government’s 2018 report Satellite-derived Time and Position: A Study of Critical Dependencies, and the market for Earth Observation/Remote Sensing/Weather Intelligence continues to grow.

Working with our partner trade association, UKspace, and alongside techUK’s Communications Infrastructure and other Programmes, techUK’s Satellite Applications & Services Programme brings together FTSE 100 companies and SMEs from across the sector – satellite operators, ground segment operators, satellite manufacturers, antenna suppliers.

The Satellite Applications & Services Programme delivers:

  • Thought-leadership
  • Targeted engagement with Government and the UK Space Agency on policy issues, and with Ofcom on spectrum and emerging regulatory matters
  • Opportunities for market insight and development, leveraging techUK’s [21] other programmes.
  • Networking opportunities.

Develop Networks

Develop Markets

Reduce Business Risk and Cost

For more information please contact:

  • Julian McGougan

    Julian McGougan

    Executive Director | Telecoms, Spectrum & Satellite
    T 020 7331 2012



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