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Easy and open access to global markets is vital to the UK’s future prosperity. As the UK Government forges its trading relationships with the world, there has never been a more important time for tech businesses to seek new opportunities and ensure their collective voice is heard. techUK’s International Trade Programme works with stakeholders across the UK Government as well as with partners around the globe on representing the tech sector in trade-related matters and seeks to expand international opportunities for business growth.

techUK’s International Trade programme has been set up to give our members opportunities to:

1. Access Export Opportunities: members receive practical support (particularly for small and medium-sized businesses) on ways to enter new international markets for the first time as well as for continued growth opportunities.

2. Understand the case for Inward Investment: techUK helps international companies understand the case for developing their presence in the UK and will facilitate this growth.

3. Influence Trade Policy: Our members work with techUK to shape the government’s agenda on trade in non-EU countries (alongside our work on the EU), particularly with key strategic international markets well aligned to the strengths of the UK tech industry.

We work with members and stakeholders, and across wider techUK programmes, to help businesses develop their international networks and markets and reduce business risks and costs associated with international trade. Click on the tabs below to explore programme actions:

Develop networks

Develop markets

Reduce cost and risk

For more information please contact:

  • Simon Spier

    Simon Spier

    Head of UK Digital Strategy
    T 020 7331 2008

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