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  • The case for digital IDs
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  • Sponsor techUK’s Open Banking - A Blueprint for the Digital Economy

    Share your insights with an audience of senior decision makers within the financial services sector, technology and digital communities as well as industry stakeholders, policy makers and thought leaders.


  • Open Banking - A Blueprint for the Digital Economy?

    This flagship conference, hosted by techUK and OBIE will review and provide insights into the successes of open banking and examine the potential for ‘exporting’ these principles to wider sectors of the economy.


  • Blockchain in Action: Embracing the Potential | A techUK White Paper

    Our report showcases the rich variety of uses to which techUK members have applied Blockchain technology, with case studies spanning sectors from insurance, agriculture, education, music and food supply chains to financial services.


  • techUK’s leading role for a UK digital identity ecosystem

    At a ground-breaking workshop, where Lisa Barrett, Director of Digital Identity at the Government Digital Service (GDS), delivered a keynote speech, techUK and the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) announced a collaborative partnership towards digital identity in the UK.


  • techUK publishes Digital Identity White Paper

    techUK members stress the need for a UK digital identity framework.


  • Bank of England joins drive towards digital finance

    Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, announces sweeping new approaches to bring the financial system into synch with the digital age.


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Technology underpins every function across the financial system, from executing trades to making payments into accounts. Without technology, there would be no financial services industry.


Digital Identity Working Group

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The financial services & payments programme's regular series of activity – including conferences, seminars, and roundtable discussions.


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