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  • Watch techUK webcasts to help your business prepare for a no deal outcome

    Until an agreement has been ratified no deal remains a possible outcome. techUK has run a series of webcasts to help your business prepare.


  • Consequences and Compromises: House of Commons Report into No Deal

    We explore a new report into the impacts of No Deal from the Exiting the European Union Sub Committee.

  • No Deal Brexit: how does the tech sector prepare?

    With the new Government pursing a UK exit from the EU, deal or no deal, on October 31 as it's principal policy, what risks should techUK's members be preparing for?

  • ECJ hears case which could upend international data transfer rules

    European judges have heard a vital case which has the potential to upend the global regime for transferring personal data.

  • What does VDL mean for EU tech policy?

    Sabina Ciofu, techUK Head of EU Policy, looks at what new Commission President Ursula von der Leyen means for EU tech policy.


No deal - how does the tech sector prepare?

techUK sets out guidance for members to prepare their businesses for the possibility of no deal.


techUK no deal webcasts

techUK partnered with Deloitte to produce a series of webcasts to help the tech sector prepare for a possible no deal outcome.


FAQs about no deal

techUK has partnered with Deloitte to produce answers to FAQs regarding no deal to help the tech sector prepare for a possible no deal outcome.


techUK no deal survey

A techUK members survey on no deal shows that while our members have increased their preparation for no deal, 7 in 10 members believe a no deal will have a negative impact.


Explaining Adequacy

techUK sets out the rules that govern the transfer of personal data to and from the EEA and the potential impact of no deal.


Tech SMEs and no deal Brexit

techUK takes deep dive into the perspectives of tech SMEs on the possibility of a no deal outcome.



techUK's Brexit policy papers to date, along with information on forthcoming work.



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