AR & VR healthtech workshop

  • Tuesday21Jul 2020
    ** Online **

    ** This is a past event **

    Join leading experts in the space to look at the potential of AR and VR technologies in health

The use cases emerging from the adoption of AR and VR technologies across healthcare have revealed the substantial potential that immersive technology has to irrevocably disrupt key industries. In 2016, Dr Shafi Ahmed performed the first-VR streamed surgery worldwide. This was followed in 2017 by a team of French surgeons at the Avicenne de Bobigny hospital, who used mixed reality to superimpose AR surgical data onto the patient whilst simultaneously streaming to medical professionals around the globe for advice and insight as the procedure continued.  

This technology has been disseminated more widely across the healthcare profession. For example, using AR in surgery to superimpose data can be used to find veins for blood tests. 

COVID-19 has created a greater urgency for digital innovation across the health service. Telemedicine imposed with MR could result in more accurate diagnosis over remote appointments. This could also offer the potential to connect to patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, who are most vulnerable to isolation during the pandemic. This digital delivery of healthcare, along with other forms of emerging technology such as drone delivery, automated processes and consumer healthcare devices can empower individuals to make fewer journeys and track their health and wellbeing.

The above showcase how the benefits of AR and VR in healthcare are building a clear ROI. However, immersive technology is not without its own implications. For one, the danger of excluding vulnerable communities due to lack of access. 

The free workshop will explore how to mitigate these challenges in the light of the benefits it will bring. We will consider:

  • Addressing demand on the reliability of communication networks, especially when real-time reaction is key
  • Exploring the accuracy of content, including the “one-meter barrier”. One millimeter might not mean much in other training simulations, but it is of crucial importance when making an incision close to an artery
  • Understanding any concerns around patient data safety when being used across different platforms.

You will hear from a suite of world-class experts, including:

  • Dr Shafi Ahmed, multi-award-winning cancer surgeon, futurist, entrepreneur, innovator and teacher 
  • Dr Rafael Grossmann, healthcare futurist, technology innovator, surgeon and educator
  • Stephen Docherty, industry executive, Health, Microsoft, and Joe Varrasso, HoloLens partner sales executive, Europe, Microsoft
  • Chris Scattergood, cofounder, FundamentalVR
  • Laura Foster, programme manager, technology and innovation, techUK
  • Leontina Postelnicu, programme manager, health and social care, techUK.

The meeting will enable techUK to explore key industry adoption of AR and VR. In turn, this can facilitate a greater understanding of what key benefits are underpinning adoption across industries and sectors, and what challenges can be addressed across the ecosystem.

  • Leontina Postelnicu

    Leontina Postelnicu

    Programme Manager | Health and Social Care
  • Laura Foster

    Laura Foster

    Programme Manager | Technology and Innovation

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