Local Gov Cyber Roundtable: Securing Local Public Services

It is an exciting time for local government transformation. More and more councils are realising the benefit digital can play in helping to not only drive efficiencies but solve problems and create places where citizens want to live, work and thrive. Collectively, local government spends around £2 billion per annum on IT, with £1 billion of this spent on sourcing and supporting software applications.

With the growing digitization of services in local government, cyber security should be a top priority for councils. Councils are responsible for implementing essential services at the local level, such as social care, schools and housing, and hold a large amount of sensitive data – potentially making them prime targets. The 2017 WannaCry attack is a prime example of the impact a cyber attack can have on public services. This is something that Government, and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), is acutely aware of and is trying to remedy through initiatives like the NCSC’s recently announced ‘Exercise in a Box’.

Encouragingly the number of cybersecurity contracts awarded by local government has grown every year since 2015 according to stats from Tussell, which shows councils are increasingly recognising that digitising services goes hand in hand with securing their services. However, security isn’t just the responsibility of the IT team but should be part of the council’s wider transformation strategy and embedded across ways of working.

This roundtable will bring together local government leaders and industry to:

  • Assess the local government cyber landscape: what’s the state of play?
  • Building cyber resilience across the council
  • How do we embed cyber security in digital transformations?
  • How can industry and councils better work together to create the conditions for improved local government cyber security? 

This is a free to attend event for local authorities and techUK members. If you would like to attend please email either Georgina.Maratheftis@techuk.org or Talal.Rajab@techuk.org.


  • Talal Rajab

    Talal Rajab

    T 020 7331 2189
  • Georgina Maratheftis

    Georgina Maratheftis

    T 020 7331 2029

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