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Samsung Future Technology Needs

  • Monday16Jun 2014
    Partner event

    ** This is a past event **

    Open Innovation event. Hear directly from Samsung's technology sourcing team who will outline their future technology needs.

Samsung Electronics are continually scouting for new technology or innovations that will deliver enhanced value to their product and service portfolio.

Recognising the value of Open Innovation, their technology scouting team invite technology providers to demonstrate how new innovations can enhance the performance, quality and functionality of their products and services.

At this exciting Open Innovation event, you will hear directly from Samsung's technology sourcing team who will outline their future technology needs.

If you have technology IP or capability or wish to collaborate in the following areas, then Samsung's technology sourcing team would be happy to meet with you:

  • Sensor technologies (Temperature, Distance, Vital Signs, Biometrics, Spectroscopy)
  • Sensors for Office Automation (Paper, Colour, Character, Density)
  • Wearable device technologies
  • Camera technologies
  • Energy & Power technologies
  • Software Solutions & Applications technologies
  • New materials, finishes or packaging
  • Sensor technologies (Fibre, Image, Face, Emotion, Dust)

This event is your invitation to match your capabilities, and technology, with Samsung's need. You will have an opportunity to arrange one-2-one, private brokerage meetings to discuss your technology with them directly, and to understand how to work with Samsung on future product development ideas.

To participate, simply register and provide your details. There is a small delegate fee to cover the event day costs and administration of the one-2-one brokerage process (see below).

When you register, you will be asked to briefly outline your company capability, and to indicate how you can match any specific technology needs that Samsung have identified.

You will be allocated a private meeting schedule for the day, accessed from this website, and will be able to schedule meetings directly with the Samsung team.

Successful delegates, who demonstrate to Samsung an innovative technology that matches their needs will be invited to Korea to exhibit at their global conference in October 2014.

On a daily basis, you will be kept informed about other delegates as they register, and will also have the opportunity to schedule meetings with them to build on you collaborative relationships.

There are also a number of opportunities to pitch your Companies capabilities at the event, and to take a table top exhibition. You can indicate your preference during the registration process.

Delegate fees as follows:

  • techUK Company Member: no charge (included in your subscription fee)
  • techUK Network Plus Member: £52.50+VAT
  • techUK Network Member: £75+VAT
  • Non-Member: £225+VAT

Price for a table top exhibition with 1m pop up stand: £500+VAT

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For more information please contact:

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