Procurement Unconference 2019

  • Monday17Jun 2019
    Partner event

    Time: 9:30 - 16:00

    Delta Procurement will be hosting Procurement Unconference 2019 on 17th June 2019.

This, the second Procurement Unconference, will bring together an eclectic group of people from both public and private sectors to discuss the procurement challenges surrounding digital, data and technology (DDaT). As you would expect, the focus will be on delivery.

We have secured some great working space at Clifford Chance, Canary Wharf. We have also secured the formidable creator-collaborator Lloyd Davis as compere / chief facilitator. We'd love you and your colleagues to join us.


What is an ‘Unconference’

We expect for the majority of people this will be the first time you are thinking about attending an Unconference. To save you reading more, here is a short video of a similar event.


Who should come

In short, anyone who is interested in working with other people on the important issues around procuring and contracting DDaT, and of course using agile.

For a few years there has been a kind of underground movement of people bringing procurement and DDaT closer. This movement has got bigger and we are keen to expand. So if you are interested in any of the following this event is definitely for you:

- Procurement: public and private, buying, contracting, category management, spend controls, governance

-Supplying: digital, data, technology, AI, cloud, UX, agile

-Interaction: academics, researchers, design

-Delivery: making sure the talk is turned into action

Here is a blog about last year’s event.


How will it run

Like any good procurement function, if there is something we can reuse, we will (thanks to GovCamp for the below).


Procurement Unconference 2019 is:

-free to attend

-focused on attendee participation

-relentlessly positive, constructive and creative


The rules are:

-have fun

-vote with your feet

-let everyone speak


On the day:

After a quick introduction from the organisers, anyone can pitch a session. This is how the agenda (known as a Session Grid) will be created. Then off we go. (We need to ensure session organisers take notes so others can participate). Social Media is a big thing too.

If you like to attend please register here!

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