Scaling Up in the Digital World


‘Scale up’ enterprises, contributing over £225bn to UK GDP, are drawing considerable interest because of their key role in driving innovation, productivity and economic growth. How can such enterprises accelerate their scaling activity by tapping into emerging digital technologies such 5G mobile, Artifi cial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technologies (i.e. Blockchain), predictive Analytics and Robotics? And, just as important, what’s in the ‘Pandora’s Box’ of implications for consumers, businesses and the economy, as well as for citizens and society?

What does it all mean for enterprises?

Disruption vs Transformation: Are disrupters in the way or creating an environment to transform the way business is done?

Opportunities and Challenges: How should enterprises navigate the current complex environment, seize opportunities, gain competitiveness and growth?

Scaling Up with Digital: Where has digital worked to deliver competitive advantage for scale-ups?

Come along and hear from our many keynote speakers including:

Stephan Thoma, former-Global Learning & Development Director at Google

Martin Lindpere -Economic Adviser - Prime Minister -Estonia)

Alan Brown - Executive Director - Centre for the Digital Economy , University Surrey

Ben Shenoy- Director Executive Education /Business Insights Lab, University of Surrey

Michelle Nsanzumuco - Executive Education Manager (University of Surrey) & Africa Regional Adviser -British Blockchain Association

Iis P. Tussyadiah- Lead Lead, Digital Visitor Economy Research Group and Digital Lab

Harvey Wade-Innovation Leader - Cisco/Chartered Insurance Institute

Jon Teckman- Director-Enterprise Science and Practice , University of Surrey

If you’re looking for insights into using digital technologies for rapid Scale Up to transform your organisation, boost productivity and economic growth then join us and hear from leading experts as well as network with industry leads.The main session will be 2-6pm , followed by a reception at 6-8pm.

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