UK SPF Cluster 2: What do industry want from DSA?

DSA is coming. 

But what do the industry want it to deliver for them?

What is the problem it is trying to solve?

What are the policies that will underpin it?

When will it be implemented?

In which bands will it be implemented?


These are very basic questions that need to be answered before it will be productive for Ofcom to to draw up a specification for DSA on how it will be implemented.

For this reason the Chairman of Cluster 2 invited one of the industry's leading thinkers in this space, Prof Simon Saunders (Google), to bring together a small group of experts to map out a draft functional specification. The IET 5G-FF has also sponsored the informal group.

The Executive Summary (the main principles) of their straw-man functional specification will be the basis for an open discussion and debate at the November meeting the Cluster 2. The initiative has been designed to dove-tail with and feed into Ofcom's initiative on a DSA specification. The wider the consensus as to what industry want from DSA, the easier it will be for Ofcom to establish a national consensus on a specific version of DSA technology and its early implementation.

The November meeting of Cluster 2 is likely to be an important milestone along the road to DSA becoming a mainstream reality in the UK's spectrum management future.


1. Chair’s welcome and introduction 

Prof. Stephen Temple, UK SPF Cluster 2 Chairman 

2. Presentation of the output from the informal group 

Prof Simon Saunders  

3. Panel contributions 

William Webb        Alastair Davidson         Chris Cheeseman    Reza Karimi

4. 10-minute break to organise discussion 

5. Discussion 

 All present plus panel 

6. Summary and next steps 

Prof. Stephen Temple, UK SPF Cluster 2 


The documents below may be altered without warning so please check back regularly or email 

If you would like to join remotely please register for the event and then email

Please remember that the techUK Conference Suite is wireless enabled so you can network, catch-up on emails and do your 'last minute' calls, with full access to printing and refreshments before and after the meeting.

  • Jo O'Riordan

    Jo O'Riordan

    Head of Spectrum Policy and Telecoms
    T 020 7331 2191
Pre CLuster 2 document UK DSA Functional Spec Principle... (pdf)UK DSA Functional Spec Draft v1 (pdf)Telefonica contribution to propositions 6 17 16001 (pdf)BT comment on DSA 16001 (pdf)(HUAWEI) Comments on DSA Principles (2019 11 12)(SUBMIT) ... (pdf)

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