UK SPF: Spectrum demand for transport and logistics

Transport and logistics are two hugely important economic sectors for the UK. As demands on the UK’s transport infrastructure grows there is a need to improve efficiency in passenger transport, increase vehicle traffic flows and lower pollution in addition to the likely increased demand for freight, monitoring of freight and reducing costs. Demands on these sectors will undoubtedly increase over time and developments in technology and understanding the spectrum requirements will be an important consideration to achieve these goals.

In this workshop we consider the technology evolution, spectrum and wider policy goals, and seek to address certain questions, for example:

  • What are the impacts and benefits to enhancing roadside infrastructure on drivers, vehicles and the environment?
  • How does the development and choice of technology impact government policy goals and the future demand for spectrum
  • How can we quantify the value added by more spectrum to the transportation of freight across the UK?
  • Will there be enough spectrum available to address all transport policy goals for the next ten years ?

In Cluster 1 we have a long term goal to understand the demands for spectrum and in this session we will do some horizon scanning on uses in the transport and logistics sectors, and discuss the implications for demand for spectrum

In this workshop we will hear from a broad range of speakers across a range of different topics that cover connected cars, benefits of enhanced technology for logistics and tracking, new applications to help reduce carbon emissions and safety of life and what benefits 5G will deliver to sea ports to name a few.

The session will also look at some examples of the future for transport and logistics in the UK.


Opening address

Saul Friedner, Chair of Cluster 1, UK SPF and LS Telcom

Spectrum requirements for a port city environment and making the business case viable

Abhaya Sumanasena, Real Wireless

Real Wireless led the techno-economic analysis on the 2 year EC Horizon 2020 5G-MoNArch project. In this work we provided an analysis on the operational and socio-economic benefits of improved wireless connectivity via 5G to logistics and transport sector industries such as city councils, port authorities and other port tenants via a case study set in Hamburg. From our work we will provide some insights on the following areas:

  • Suitability and impact of spectrum bands for specific use cases
  • Comparison of different spectrum options i.e. MNO spectrum and localise spectrum deployed via different deployment models such as MNO deployment, neutral host deployment etc. to serve the demand at a port city.
  • Recommendations for public policy challenges facing government and the how the industry can support this while maintaining the compelling business case.

Real-time use of connected in-vehicle CCTV systems in emergency and accident management

Dave Sampson, PaxTrans 

Real-time access to CCTV video by first responders (Police, Ambulance, Fire Rescue Services) at transport accidents and emergencies enables faster more prepared responses, better coordination between participating services and better outcome for people involved.  PaxTrans’ Dave Sampson will  address the spectrum, barriers and future opportunities for a fully connected common system using technology available today, for all public transport, Police, Ambulance and Fire Rescue Services.

Closing statement

Saul Friedner, Chair of Cluster 1, UK SPF and LS Telcom

  • Jo O'Riordan

    Jo O'Riordan

    Head of Spectrum Policy and Telecoms
    T 020 7331 2191

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