Standards for Dummies: why standards matter for tech

techUK and BSI are running a workhop on how techUK members can get involved with standards.  From cyber security, Artificial Intelligence and quality management to sustainability, IoT, drones and smart cities, standards make the tech sector work. They ensure interoperability, open up international markets and create a level playing field to allow real innovation. In the UK we have the British Standards Institution which runs over 1900 committees working on nearly 8000 standards that we rely on in our daily lives.

But not as many firms are involved as they should be and this workshop seeks to demystify the standards process, show it isn't that complicated and demonstrate how standards involvement can generate real competitive advantages for businesses.  

This event will look at:

  • What is a standard?
  • Why should I care?
  • Standards mythbusting
  • How do I get involved?
  • What can I get involved in?
  • Does it cost anything?
  • What’s the advantage?


14:00 – 14:05 Introduction from techUK

  • Craig Melson, Programme Manager, techUK

14:05 – 14:20 Why standards matter for tech

  • Sue Daley, Associate Director for Technology and Innovation, techUK

14:20 – 14:35 How Data Centres benefit from standards

  • Emma Fryer, Associate Director, Data Centres, techUK

14:35 – 14:50 Overview of the BSI, how it works, how to get involved and emerging tech

  • Tim McGarr & Ian Richardsdon, British Standards Institution

14:50 - 14:55 Break

14:55 - 15:10 Member view: Environmental Standards & Tech Products

  • Chris Moges-Beach, Environmental Compliance Specialist, Samsung

15:10 - 15:25 Member view: Standardising blockchain

  • Gilbert Verdian, CEO, Quant

15:25 – 15:55 Standards Aren't Scary: Interactive Q&A 

  • Craig Melson, techUK (Chair)
  • Gilbert Verdian, Quant
  • Chris Moges-Beach, Samsung
  • Tim McGarr, BSI

15:55 – 16:00 Close and next steps

  • Craig Melson, Programme Manager, techUK

16:00 – 17:00 Networking drinks

  • Craig Melson

    Craig Melson

    Programme Manager | Digital Devices, Consumer Electronics, Export Controls and Environment and Compliance
    T 020 7331 2172

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