Sweet Dreams of Sales and Marketing Success

Whether you are in sales under high pressure to hit targets or in marketing with deadlines for content, campaigns or creativity, you need to be firing on all cylinders. To stay in tip-top condition, you need to get enough, quality shut-eye. But up to 80% of professionals feel tired, regularly.

When we are tired, we struggle to pay attention, we can’t retain important facts or make smart decisions. In fact, the causes of disasters like Chernobyl, Exxon Valdez and the Challenger Space Shuttle were found to stem from fatigue.

And sleep quality has been gradually deteriorating since the adoption of the electric light, around 150 years ago.  More so over the past 10 years, as many of us are taking our work to bed on brightly lit laptops and smartphones.

With sleep deprivation a widespread subject that no one is talking about, we thought we’d go a little off piste for the first Marketing and Sales session of 2019 to explore sleep and the impact it can have on performance.

Sleep expert, Dan Collins, will guide us through the session. Dan has spent 25 years researching why some teams and leaders outperform others.  He’s concluded that all of us would do better if we could manage our sleep more effectively.  He now helps people unravel the mysteries of sleep and discover how they can wake up restored every day. 

This session has been organised by the group vice-chair, Sarah Hinchliffe, who attended one of Dan’s workshops in March 2018. She learnt that despite worrying for a long time about the amount and quality of her sleep, (a) she isn’t actually tired and (b) she does get enough. Problem solved!


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