ADASS Care Apps Showcase 2015

  • Monday19Oct 2015
    ** New Date **

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    ADASS Care Apps Showcase 2015 is being held in Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds.

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Many thanks to all of our sponsors, speakers and exhibitors for the success of the ADASS Care Apps Showcase 2015. 


Gold Sponsor: 

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Exhibitors Include: 

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The problems for social care are well known:

  • Increasing demand for social care assessments and services due to demographic change and the Care Act
  • Council budgets reducing by 15 – 30% over the next 3 years
  • Current processes which are inefficient, rely heavily on expensive professional input and are hampered by legacy technology

Most Directors of Adult Social Services now accept that the only way to square the circle is to involve service users, carers and local communities more in their own care & support and prevention.

Uptake of digital technology is rapidly growing - even amongst older and poorer citizens. For example, from 2012 to 2013 the proportion of people aged 65 – 74 using a tablet increased from 5 to 17% and continues to climb as prices fall. Apps like Skype are proving effective in reducing the scourge of feeling socially isolated amongst older people. 

Many small entrepreneurs are seeing opportunities for apps to help address the social care timebomb. Established companies in the social care informatics sector also have innovative solutions. Both DASS's and Directors of Public Health have a core interest in promoting adoption. They are in a position to drive take-up by:

- directly funding innovative approaches that will reduce demand on council resources
- promoting them to clients, carers and local communities e.g. to drive behaviour changes for longer healthy & independent living.


What apps are we showcasing?

"Client & carer apps" included in this event fall broadly into two types:

a) Council-managed self-service applications, e.g. citizen portals to existing case management systems, e-marketplaces, online information & advice / triage, self assessment of needs & finance.

b) Consumer apps, e.g. for:

  • sharing tasks between informal carers
  • promoting community sharing for people with care needs
  • telecare
  • special user interfaces for the elderly to easily Skype, email, etc
  • management of care finances
  • monitoring wellbeing.

Both types of "apps" might be combined with a consumer-oriented personal service of some kind.

Excluded: apps designed to diagnose or monitor specific health conditions or any apps that could be designated medical devices.


The showcase event will:

  • Showcase up to 24 of the best apps for use by people needing care & support & carers
  • Enable local authority commissioners to find apps to promote in their localities
  • Generate informal networks & partnerships between social entrepreneurs, app developers, public sector budget-holders, care providers, user organisations and advocates
  • Inspire cross-fertilisation of ideas across the sector
  • Encourage the best ideas / products through audience feedback on the day and prior selection of presenters


Audience / participants:

  • ASC Assistant Directors and Heads of Service responsible for transformation / business change / prevention / carers / community engagement / informatics
  • Public Health Directors and managers
  • Local authority partners in NHS, voluntary sector and care providers
  • Developers of apps and associated services
  • Representatives of service users and carers
  • Elected councillors




 Registration, Exhibition & Refreshments


 "A personal view on the role of ADASS and care staff in promoting apps for care"

Terry Dafter, Chair of ADASS Informatics Network and Director of Adult Social Services, Stockport Council


 "Revolutionising local services: the enormous potential of digital"

Mark Thompson, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, Cambridge University Judge Business School


 "Transforming not excluding - A carers' perspective on digital inclusion"

Dame Phillipa Russell, Emeritus Chair, Parliamentary Standing Commission on Carers


 Pop-up Pitches

  • The Relatives & Residents Association, myhomehelper, your alcove, Affinity Works Limited, Nourish, Oxford Computer Consultants
  • 5 mins each with opportunity to hear more after coffee break


 Refreshments, Exhibitions & Networking


 Breakout Presenting Sessions


 Lunch, Exhibitions & Networking 


 Gold Sponsor IntegroCare Introduction 


 "A Council Leader's view on Care Apps"

Jason Kitcat, former Leader of Brighton & Hove Council


 "Co-production and Co-design"

Martin Yates & Isaac Samuels, National Co-production Advisory Group, Think Local Act Personal (TLAP)


 Pop-up Pitches

  • KOKOMO Healthcare, FutureGov, GeoBrio Consulting Ltd, Rally Round, Integro Care Ltd
  • 5 mins each with opportunity to hear more after coffee break


 Breakout Presenting Sessions


 Tea Break & Exhibitions


 Panel comments and Audience discussion

"What is the role of local authorities in promoting Care Apps?"

Chair: David Brindle, Public Services Editor, The Guardian

  • ADASS: Terry Dafter
  • Carer representative: Dame Philippa Russell
  • Councillor rep: Jason Kitcat
  • Service user: Martin Yates / Isaac Samuels
  • techUK: Richard Pantlin






Public Sector Delegates please contact to book

£105.00+VAT: techUK member rate

£195.00+VAT: Standard rate


Confirmed Care Apps Presenter Finalists:

  • The Relatives & Residents Association - Keys to Care
  • your alcove - Alcove
  • RallyRound
  • Oxford Computer Consultants Ltd - OFA/RDF
  • Simpla Solutions - myhomehelper
  • Nourish
  • Affinity Works Limited -Multi-site Citizen Portal
  • FutureGov - Patchwork & Client View
  • Integro Care Ltd - Deferred Payment Calculator
  • GeoBrio Consulting Ltd - B9Eye
  • KOKOMO Healthcare - Lively


Please download the speaker presentations here:

Philippa Russell Presentation (pdf)Terry Dafter Presentation (pdf)Martin Yates & Isaac Samuels (pdf)Mark Thompson Presentation (pdf)myhomehelper Pop-up Pitch (pdf)youralcove Pop-up Pitch (pdf)Nourish Pop-up Pitch (pdf)The Relatives & Residents Pop-up Pitch (pdf)Oxford Computer Consultants Pop-up Pitch (pdf)KOKOMO Lively Pop-up Pitch (pdf)FutureGov Pop-up Pitch (pdf)GeoBrio Pop-up Pitch (pdf)RallyRound Health2Works Pop-up Pitch (pdf)Intergro Care Ltd Pop-up Pitch (pdf)

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