Delivering Internet First in health and care: Working groups

To support the government strategy of moving to internet-based provision and the architecture principles described in the Secretary of State technology vision, The Future of Healthcare, NHS Digital has been asked to:

  •       define the minimum set of standards to which systems and networks should be aligned
  •       consider the future network provision across health and social care
  •       provide guidance and support for the remediation of digital services in health and social care so that they are presented over the internet

Following the publication of the Internet First policy and guidance in May 2019, NHS Digital would like to work with industry and health and social care organisations on the next stage to deliver Internet First.

A number of working groups will be established to support the development of the Internet First target operating model (TOM) and associated network connectivity model.   

An initial ‘open’ webinar is scheduled for IT leaders in industry and health and social care organisations for Wednesday, 18 September at 12:30 pmThis will be followed by a series of specialist working groups between September and December 2019.  

Delivering Internet First: Open webinar

This webinar is for you if you want to help shape the Internet First target operating model (TOM) and associated network connectivity model

Register for this session if you would like to:

  •          get an overview of the Internet First programme and timescales
  •          hear Innopsis and techUK’s views on Internet First
  •          understand the purpose of the working groups
  •          volunteer experts from your organisations to participate in these groups

Delivering Internet First:  Working groups

There will be four working groups, chaired in rotation by NHS Digital, Innopsis and techUK. Each working group will run a series of discussions (mix of face to face and virtual) from September to December 2019. These working groups are aimed at subject matter experts in the following specialisms:

  •          technical architecture and networking
  •          service management
  •          security
  •          commercial

These working groups will enable your organisation to:

  •          contribute and help shape the Internet First target operating model (TOM) and associated network connectivity model
  •          work with experts across a diverse range of organisations.
  • discuss networking opportunities and challenges that need addressing to support Internet First

Please register here for the webinar. Please note we reserve the right to limit the number of delegates from each organisation.

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