Army Data Industry Day

  • Wednesday04Sep 2019
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    Contribute to the Army’s approach to data exploitation and analytics over the next 3 years

This is an exciting time for the British Army (and indeed Defence) in terms of data exploitation and analytics with the recent publication of its Army Data Sub-Strategy and the Defence CIO asking Army to be the Defence Lead for Data Analytics Centre of Excellence, building on the approach within the Sub-Strategy, where data drawn from a Single Information Environment can underpin decision making across the Army both in-barracks and on operations and of course coherently across Defence.

This Director Information led Industry Day but with many of the Army Directorates as well as Field Army delivering their key insight requirement. This will provide you an excellent opportunity to discover more about how you can help contribute to the Army’s approach to data exploitation and analytics over the next 3 years as we exploit the opportunities afforded by the Army Board endorsed Army Data Sub Strategy.  The Chief Data Officer for the Army; Brig Michael Dooley will cover issues such as the development of the Army Data Analytics Platform; the technical hub of the strategy implementation, but also the types of data services and people support the Army will require from Industry to turn the Sub-Strategy into reality.

The key part of the the day will be the 5-6 vignettes that will be delivered by different areas of the Army, including the Field Army, Personnel Directorate, Support Directorate and the Basing and Infrastructure Directorate covering some of the multi-faceted data challenges facing the Army today. This will give you in Industry an understanding of opportunities to where you will be able to add value by helping the different Army customers achieve better understanding and evidence based decision making based on timely and efficient exploitation of their data.

  • Charlie Wyatt

    Charlie Wyatt

    Programme Assistant | Defence, Cyber and Justice & Emergency Services
    T 020 7331 2009
  • Dan Patefield

    Dan Patefield

    Programme Manager | Defence and Cyber
    T 020 7331 2165
  • Fred Sugden

    Fred Sugden

    Head of Programme | Defence
    T 020 7331 2032

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