Securing Connected Devices in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is entering a new phase of unprecedented change.  As more medical devices become internet connected, both in the hospital and in the home, healthcare professionals are finding new efficiencies in their roles; from not having to conduct manual checks of equipment to ensure that they are working properly to not having to track devices in hospital, which can cost thousands of pounds per bed.     The use of IoT within the healthcare sector creates more of a focus on the consumer end, allowing doctors and nurses the chance to collect data and information in real-time and make decisions based on the data to ensure earlier intervention in the treatment process.

The challenge for the healthcare sector, however, is in securely managing all of the different end-points and data that greater connectivity brings.  Security researchers in the past have, for example, hacked medical devices such as pacemakers through exploiting vulnerabilities due to poor encryption and authentication practices.  Whilst IoT security is a challenge for a range of different sectors, in healthcare the stakes can be far higher as security vulnerabilities can affect people’s safety or have life and death consequences. 

This session will explore the different ways in which healthcare professionals can utilise the benefits of IoT whilst still protecting patients and their data.

Speakers to be confirmed in due course.

  • Talal Rajab

    Talal Rajab

    T 020 7331 2189
  • Charlie Wyatt

    Charlie Wyatt

    Programme Assistant | Defence, Cyber and Justice & Emergency Services
    T 020 7331 2009

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