MOD Future Architectures, SMEs and Routes to Market

This techUK Defence and Security SME Forum briefing will be an opportunity for SMEs to hear from MOD ISS’s Head of Architecture (Transformation) on a range of issues around SME engagement with ISS. In particular it will examine future "open" contract clauses and tailored work packages that are accessible and attractive for SME suppliers.

There will also be a broader discussion on future architectures work (especially Single Information Environment and Digitised Battlefield) currently being undertaken by MOD and how SMEs can add value to the capabilities ISS delivers now and into the future.

Confirmed Speaker: Steve Latchem, Head of Architecture (Transformation), MOD ISS

As this event is for SMEs only, please answer the following questions about your organisation:

  • Does your organisation (or group) employ more than 250 people? 
  • Is your organisation's (or group's) total annual revenue more than £45m?

(note if your organisation is 50% or more owned by any individual or entity then you need to answer these questions for the total of ALL organisations (group) they own 50% or more of)

Please send your answers to the above questions to who will issue a code allowing you to book on to the event.

  • Charlie Wyatt

    Charlie Wyatt

    Programme Assistant | Defence, Cyber and Justice & Emergency Services
    T 020 7331 2009

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