Addressing the Data Privacy Challenge with Encryption

How can we secure data and ensure data privacy and reap the benefits of sharing data?

Data is our most valuable asset and sharing it is critical for business success. However, we all recognise that what our employees share creates significant risk – regardless of the platform or connection they use to send it. 

This session will explore the role of encryption and a data-centric approach to security and privacy, reviewing the steps needed to put our trust back in the hands of employees to ensure that protection travels with the data across the business ecosystem.  Attendees at this session will:

  • See how data privacy can be an enabler for digital transformation.
  • Learn how data trust differentiate your brand, drive growth an strengthen customer relationships.
  • Explore data privacy in action with examples of encryption being used in your sector today.

Speakers include:

Jonathan Morgan - EMEA Director, Virtru

The session will be followed by a technical demonstration of encryption technology based on the Trusted Data Format (TDF). Invented to protect the most sensitive data shared between intelligence agencies, TDF is now an open standard used by organisations to protect the privacy of their emails and other stored data. It also forms the backbone of how data security solutions work to encrypt and protect email messages and files.

  • Talal Rajab

    Talal Rajab

    T 020 7331 2189
  • Charlie Wyatt

    Charlie Wyatt

    Programme Assistant | Defence, Cyber and Justice & Emergency Services
    T 020 7331 2009
  • Dan Patefield

    Dan Patefield

    Programme Manager | Defence and Cyber
    T 020 7331 2000

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