Agile Warrior Unlocking The Urban Symposium

CALL FOR PAPERS: Army HQ Concepts Team are holding a 3 day symposium entitled 'Unlocking the Urban' with the aim of unlocking the challenges of urban operations for future forces.


Why? - the traditional Western military advantages of range, speed and firepower are largely negated by the complexity of the urban environment.

Army HQ want you to contribute either by presenting and/or coming along. We need you - soldier, academic, industry or self-claimed expert - to provide us a possible key.


What do you get? - an opportunity to influence senior Army decision makers and expose your solutions.

  • Date - 19-21 November 2018
  • Location - RSA Larkhill, Wiltshire, UK.
  • To contribute, email:
  • Please send your contributions no later than 3 September


The conference is structured using the well-known OODA-loop.


Day 1: Observe - What is the problem?


  • Urban operations considered in a historic perspective
  • Current urban operations and threats
  • Future urban operations and threats
  • Is the urban locked and why?


Day 2: Orientate - How can we unlock the urban?


For example by using:


  • Training (infrastructure, philosophy, physical, psychological preparation)
  • Equipment/technology (RAS, breaching, weapon effects
  • Information (ISR, info manoeuvre, deception, pervasive SA)
  • Organisation/doctrine. Do we already hold the key but do we need to use it differently?


Day 3: Decide: what are the most promising solutions now and in the future?


  • Linking ‘locking factors’ to proposed solutions.
  • How can we combine X-DLOD solutions to design, build and/or generate a winning force?
  • What can we do today?
  • What can we do with minor investment in the funded force?
  • What can we do with more time and money available?


The last step - Act - is of course up to our senior leadership.

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