Our 2019 Report

Our 2019 Report

More than half of consumers are confident that they can use new smart products - which is a tipping point for this sector.

The State of the Connected Home coverKnowledge about smart home products is at its highest since we first published this report. However, the barriers to adoption remain the same around cost and privacy. The good news for brands and the industry is a key finding that consumers are willing to pay a premium for smart products, once the added value of owning has been clearly explained to them. As in previous years, the ability to demonstrate the value of smart devices at point of sale is a key factor for enabling growth and breaking down some of these barriers.

We are also beginning to see the emergence of the concept of an ‘ecosystem’ of products, from a consumer perspective. We believe this might be partly enabled and accelerated by the increasing ownership of smart speakers which are fundamentally built around the existence of an ecosystem of connected devices.

techUK drives the conversation of privacy and security especially for smart domestic appliances. We support the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport’s Secure by Design Code of Practice, which advocates for cyber security measures to be built into smart products right from their design stage. We do take into consideration key industry standards already existing for IoT as well.


For Industry

  1. Continue to develop our narrative around the value and benefits that smart home technologies can deliver. This report shows that industry is still struggling to do this although momentum does appear to have shifted in the last 12 months.
  2. To actively work together to address concerns that consumers have about the security and privacy of the smart home. This will require tangible action and techUK will continue to convene industry to address these issues.
  3. Establish and deepen the messaging around how the ecosystem and network of smart home technologies can bring even greater benefits to the consumer.

For Government

  1. To recognise the role that smart home technologies can play in delivering against some of the Industrial Strategy’s Grand Challenges of an Ageing Society and Clean Growth, including the goal to be carbon net-zero by 2050.
  2. To work with industry to help address security and privacy concerns. This can be through the technical assistance of the NCSC to, where necessary, include cyber security of devices and products in regulation.
  3. To work together with connectivity providers and energy suppliers to provide the best ecosystem for the market to flourish. This includes pushing forward with commitments made in the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan.

Read our new report or click here to view the press release.

For further information contact:

  • Teodora Kaneva

    Teodora Kaneva

    Programme Manager | SmarterUK
    T 020 7331 2016


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