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  • Friday17Jul 2020
    Understand successful selling
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    Promote your key benefit strategically and be influential, different and distinctive

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Understand how to promote your key benefit strategically and be influential, different and distinctive 


Why should you choose this course?

Building a strong personal brand will lead to loyalty, business opportunities and career success

Back in 1997, when Vienetta was the classiest ice-cream ever made and cherry coke was the drink you tried at least once. Tom Peters published ‘The Brand Called You’ and came up with the argument that individuals should emulate corporate brands and the idea of ‘personal branding’ was born.

In today’s market outstanding performance is no longer enough if you want to progress your career. Image and visibility are now essential components of career success.

However, whether we like it or not we already have a personal brand. Think of it as the invisible fingerprint you leave on people when they interact with you whether its face to face or online. It’s the few words your colleagues or customer use to describe you however its also their experience of you and how you make them feel. Sometimes unintentionally we may give off a vibe that lets us down or are simply missing opportunities by not building our brand.

In this highly interactive one-day course you will identify your career values and strengthen your understanding of what is most important to you in your working environment, now and in the future. You will explore how you would like to come across to others and find out how you actually come across. You will explore your personal brand “voice”, consider your response to conflict and get a clear understanding of how you deal with both positive people and difficult people.

The course helps you to build a comprehensive profile of ‘Me PLC’ – an informed insight into who you are and what you stand for. Knowing your personal brand will allow you to project the image and impression you want to create in the workplace in a consistent and authentic manner.

Who should attend?

The Sell Yourself workshop is suitable for those who need to be visible and manage how they are perceived upwards, outside their organisation and their peers. 

What is the course outcome?

At the end of this course you will:

  • acknowledge and recognise that you are a ‘brand’
  • be clear about your career values and how they shape your behaviour
  • assess your perception of yourself and how that correlates with that portrayed to others
  • know what your personal brand stands for and how you plan to project it
  • understand the benefits of being emotionally intelligent
  • know how to communicate to build rapport and empathy
  • be able to use a technique to get your opinion – being assertive rather than passive or aggressive
  • build up a comprehensive profile of ‘Me PLC’ in terms of how you perceive yourself, how others see you, how assertive you are, your level of self-awareness, how well you relate to others, and how you handle conflict.

What is the agenda?

  1. Define what makes you unique
  2. Know your WHY.
  3. Communicate what you’re offering with purpose and clarity.
  4. Make your story available.
  5. Start proving your expertise. 
  6. Always think visibility.

Who is the course leader?

Salma Shah is the Director of Beyond and Winning Demos. Throughout her I.T. career spanning tech giants such as Oracle, PeopleSoft and Dotcom start-ups Salma Shah has typically worked for organisations experiencing fast growth and profitable expansion.

Salma's courses are based on best practice experience (she has worked as a Consultant Pre-Sales and Sales) and the current trends and challenges of today's Tech sector. Salma's client base is Tech sector with a focus on Training and discrete Exec Search.  

What is the cost of the course?

techUK Members- £245.00 + VAT

Non Members- £345.00 + VAT


If you are not sure whether your company is a member of techUK, click here to check first to ensure you pay the correct price for the course you are booking.

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