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Geospatial data

The UK’s geospatial data ecosystem has a remarkable opportunity to become a world leader and bring over £11 billion to the UK’s economy in the next five years. However, this will only be achieved if the UK can successfully drive forward a world-leading geospatial ecosystem. Getting this right will not only increase research into the opportunities of geospatial data, but enhance the development and commercialisation of cutting-edge, innovative geospatial data products, services and technologies.

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Geospatial Data Campaign Week

Earlier this year techUK hosted its first ever Geospatial Data Campaign Week, bringing the technology sector to the heart of the Geospatial ecosystem

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Geospatial Data Showcased at CogX

On 16th June techUK were joined by leading experts in the Geospatial ecosystem including Google and the Alan Turing Institute to explore reinventing the high street with Geospatial and place-based innovation

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