UK SPF Priorities for 2020/21 (June to May)

Purpose of the SPF:

The purpose of the Spectrum Policy Forum is to be a pro-active industry-led ‘sounding board’ to UK Government and Ofcom on future policy and approaches on spectrum and a cross—industry ‘agent’ for promoting the role of spectrum in society and the maximisation of its economic and social value to the UK. We do this by exchanging news and views on developments in using spectrum, drawing on our industry expertise from around the world.

Our long term goals are to maximise the contribution of spectrum to UK ambitions on economic growth and societal improvements by 

  • highlighting the inherent (and sometimes hidden) contribution of spectrum to the economy – in particular its role in tackling the big challenges facing society in the next 10-15 years
  • facilitating innovation in use of spectrum
  • updating the framework for socioeconomic valuation of spectrum
  • opening up millimetre wave bands for greater commercial exploitation
  • fostering and promoting ways to use spectrum more intensively by bringing greater understanding of the scope, obstacles and incentives for sharing

During 2020/21 we will focus on:

1. Providing a positive influence on the UK position in international spectrum forums:

  • working with Government and Ofcom to promote UK positions to secure international agreements that enable the UK to capitalise on the value of spectrum.
  • Exploring ideas for improving the WRC process and starting work with Ofcom and industry on WRC23 issues

2. Being an effective advocate for spectrum users with Government to ensure that spectrum remains high on their agenda:

  • advocating the role of spectrum in addressing the big challenges facing society in the next 10-15 years, including examining the implications for vertical policy interests such as transport and telemedicine
  • advising on the consequences for spectrum users of adopting specific policies, for example with respect to the future of different mobile technologies

3. Progressing our other longer-term goals:

  • exploring the opportunities for using the millimetre wave bands for IMT and other applications
  • developing ‘protocols’ for transmission and receiver equipment which support more efficient use of spectrum
  • Promoting flexible spectrum access methods, including considering when authorisation mechanisms should provide for exclusive use

For more information, please contact:

  • Jo O'Riordan

    Jo O'Riordan

    Head of Spectrum Policy and Telecoms
    T 020 7331 2191

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