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Big questions on maintaining UK-EU free flows of data post-Brexit highlighted by @CharlotteHollo via @telebusiness
Thrilled to have Thibaut Rouffineau @thibautR of Canonical speaking at #PayInnov17. Book your place now:
We're looking forward to the #IoT & #Data drinks reception with sponsor @Accenture on 27 April. For info visit:
Plenty of exciting data driven industry initiatives on display in our third #UnlockData breakout session…
Our second #UnlockData breakout on the value of emerging data technologies in payments, chaired by @ChannelSwimSue
Our first #UnlockData breakout session focused on compliance with regulation - tech solutions @PaymentsUK
.@neirajones shares her concerns about survey showing our audience don't feel prepared for GDPR
.@Tier3huntsman discussing our options to #unlockdata. How does automation look in practice?