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Read our Policy Director @charlottehollo in @PublicTech calling on G20 to focus on digitally-driven inclusive growth
See you tomorrow for our @ficci_india event on the startup ecosystems in India and UK @SecyGEN_ficci
Brexit and the Data Centre: Emma Fryer will discuss the implications on 15 Mar at 15:45 at #DCW17
Interested in Technology Services 2? Register for Procurement launch today @gov_procurement
We're pleased to announce @SarahFWilkinson will be speaking at the #techukPS2030 conference. To join us visit,
Want to hear how to create a digital culture? Register here @AlisonMc_F @WiganCouncil
Nominations to our #DigitalDevolution Working Group close today! Don't leave it too late to apply!
Nominations for 2 SMEs to help shape #techUKlocalgov activities via the Local Public Services Committee close today!