How to get IT analysts (like Gartner) to help you grow sales

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Leave with a plan of who to engage, how and with what key messages

Why should you choose the Engaging Analysts for Results course?

If you sell software, hardware or services to business buyers, you'll know just how vital industry analysts are to your company's success. They are the opinion formers, the reputation makers, the recommenders. Through favourable mentions in the press and recommendations to clients, they can help build a vendor's profile and sales pipeline. But they can kill your reputation, too, and leave you with a mountain to climb.

More than half of all B2B IT decisions are directly influenced by these people, so it's a channel you can't afford to ignore. But many companies are nervous at the very thought of reaching out to the analyst community. Worse still, many vendors get it all wrong, alienate or irritate the analysts and end up having achieved zero – or even negative – impact. That can be a very expensive mistake.

The key to success is understanding the analysts' world, recognising what they really do and knowing what they really need.

This unique course is led by Simon Levin, a former analyst and senior executive at Gartner. Whether you are new to the analysts' world or simply seeking to improve your results, it will show you what you must do to engage this community effectively and make the analysts a key asset in your sales and marketing strategy.

Who should attend the course?

    • Any IT company executive who is keen to build visibility through working with analysts
    • CEOs of smaller IT suppliers
    • Marketing directors
    • Senior product managers and marketers
    • Communications professionals

What are the course outcomes?

You will leave with a draft of all the key elements you need for an effective analyst engagement plan, plus a clear outline for your next analyst briefing. The course will equip you with everything you need to identify who to contact, how and when. It will explain what information you need to prepare to get the analyst's attention and how to deliver that information to guarantee real business results.

Who is the course leader?

Simon Levin spent the first decade of his career in software marketing, before joining Gartner in Europe as a senior analyst and going on to lead various Gartner research operations, including the US-based worldwide market research team of 380 professionals. After ten successful years at Gartner, he moved on to head the global research organisation for TowerGroup (a division of Mastercard) and set up its operations across Europe.

Since 2009, Simon has been managing director of The Skills Connection, a specialist agency of former analyst industry professionals, with teams in both Europe and the US, that's dedicated to helping IT companies get better results from their engagement with analysts. He has also spent three years on the board of the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR).

What is the course agenda?

1. Understanding the analyst audience

      • Why analysts matter
      • Why analysts must be treated differently from journalists, bloggers and prospects
      • What analysts do – and what they need from you
      • Mythbusting – why most of what you hear about analysts is just plain wrong

2. Developing an effective annual engagement plan

      • The analyst's calendar, and how it affects you
      • How the 4Ps apply to analyst engagement
      • The vital elements in your annual engagement plan

3. Building an effective analyst briefing for your company

      • Focusing on your key messages
      • Getting the core structure right
      • Engaging the analysts – making the most of your opportunity

What is the cost of the course?

techUK Members - £395.00

Non Members - £595.00

(Prices exclude VAT)

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