Agile Tools for Business

Why should you choose Introduction to Agile for Business: 3 Practical Tools to Adopt in the Workplace course?

In an increasingly digital-savvy world, Agile is a methodology and practice adopted by enlightened software development teams. Agile has proven improvements to work productivity by creating discipline and rhythm, visibility of tasks and managing flow of work by people directly affected. It follows operational principles of Kanban and Lean practices. And with increased use by technology teams, there is a desire to adopt relevant practices by non-technical teams in the workplace. Therefore, all staff working in or with technology should have a basic appreciation of Agile and be able to apply relevant practices to non-technical work.

Why should you attend this course?

This brief introduction to Agile is delivered as a practical workshop covering three relevant tools that can be adopted immediately in your work. It will introduce you to Agile principles and its manifesto as well as explore how three tools can be used to help improve your work: meeting management, task management and team or project review.

Who should attend the course?

This workshop is designed for non-technical managers involved in digital, software or product related businesses working with teams of people in a management or project related capacity. Roles include: programme managers, project managers, marketing managers, supply chain managers, sales managers, team leaders. Administrators in HR, legal and finance would also find this course of benefit to them.

What is the course outcome?

Course participants leave with an understanding of Agile as an operational practice and hands-on application of 3 Agile tools that can be applied immediately in your work going forward. The tools will be relevant to conducting daily team or project meetings, a way to share and manage work tasks and a method for reviewing how well a team or a project is performing. In addition you will be given course materials and links to further reading.

What is the course agenda?

A half day practical workshop 1:30-5pm covering the following:


What is agile? Its purpose, drawbacks and why everyone in business, not just developers, should adopt relevant practices.

Practical Tools You should know about

Getting you started with three agile management tools to save you time and money, a description of each tool and why they are worth knowing about.

1) Daily Standup 2) Kanban / Scrum board and 3) High level retrospective

How to use the tools 

A review of when and how to use agile tools in your daily business.

Practice applying the tools

You will have opportunity to use the tools in a work scenario.

Follow up action plan for your workplace

Draft your own objectives and set yourself some actions toward a path of improved productivity.

**Course Requirement:

Please bring a laptop or tablet so that you can produce your own boards.

Who is the course leader?

Laura Scanga has worked as a product manager for 15 years, creating digital products in media and is an associate of Energized Work, a boutique software development house and past winner of the Agile Alliance Gordon Pask Award for contributions to agile practice. Laura has a PGCE.


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