Negotiation for Technical Managers

What is the course about?

You have a project run, but you need the resources to do it. You have a solution to sell, but somehow it always seems that you end up doing a lot for almost nothing. Sometimes asking for what you want feels hard, and negotiating feels like combat. It shouldn't. Negotiation is not about compromise. It is not about winning and losing. It is about everyone getting what they need and walking away happy.

Having done this course you will be prepared for any of these difficult conversations, whether it be with other managers, the CFO, the board, or your clients. You will have a way of planning a negotiation, a process to follow, and practiced skills to carry it out. Based on the latest research and hard won, real life experience, the course gives you the skills and tools necessary to negotiate in situations such as buying and selling, securing company finance, talks with unions, or simply getting the resources you need within your company.

The course is experiential, highly interactive and enjoyable. Methods are practical and participative, and underpinned by proven theory and research. We include role-play, group activities, individual exercises and some short videos. The programme will be focused, quick paced and demanding.

Who should attend?

You should consider this if you want to understand the basis for all professional negotiations, get better results and build better relationships.

  • Business Leaders and Founders
  • Change leaders
  • People looking to develop their sales skills
  • Anyone in middle management
  • Anyone who wants to improve their relationships and cooperation at work

What is the course outcome?

  • Have a full, practiced negotiation toolkit to draw upon when planning, preparing and carrying out a negotiation
  • Understand how to make the best deal, not just for the day you shake hands but for the long term.
  • Feel confident and prepared for any negotiation.

What is the course agenda?

  • Discovering the issue
  • Negotiation mini simulation
  • Negotiation principles and process
  • The principles professional negotiators work to
  • Simulation, tools and techniques
  • Most of the day is structured by the process of a negotiation, broken into stages. Teams will plan, prepare carry out and review a negotiation, picking up and using appropriate skills and tools in each stage

Who is the course leader?

  • ChangeSchool Development Director Neil Marshall MBA PGCE. Neil is a professional educator who has lectured at Cranfield School of Management and London South Bank University.
  • Neil has 24 years in consulting and education. His experience includes national level negotiations with Trades Unions and international commercial negotiations. He is a board level facilitator, founder of his company, and has shared the stage with ministers and union general secretaries in the UK. He is a trained theatre director, Cranfield MBA, and trustee of a London based global charity.


What is the cost of the course?

techUK Members - £395.00

Non Members - £595.00

(Prices exclude VAT)


If you are not sure whether your company is a member of techUK, click here to check first to ensure you pay the correct price for the course you are booking. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact


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