Personal Impact & Presentation (BRISTOL)

  • Tuesday06Mar 2018
    Communication skills courses

    ** This is a past event **

    Personal Impact & Presentation is a one day workshop designed to increase your personal impact

Why should you choose this course?

Personal Impact & Presentation is a one day workshop designed to increase your personal impact and effectiveness as a speaker.

The workshop, run by an award winning actor and drama teacher whose current and past clients include Nokia, Ford, and SAP, is highly interactive, practical, innovative, and fun. It is designed to increase self confidence in any type of public speaking situation.

Personal Impact uses theatrical methods related to Status, Voice Production, and Manner of Speech to help you improve your "performance" when presenting to Senior Managers, Conference Delegates, Interview Panels, within Work related Team structures, and at meetings.

You will learn the value of non-verbal communication including body language and gesture. Commonly asked questions such as, "What do I do when I lose my train of thought?" or "What do I do with my hands?" will be addressed. You will leave this workshop with techniques adapted to your individual needs.

This workshop offers you a chance to learn more about yourself as a speaker and how you are "coming across" to your audience. Discover how you can be more personally effective in a safe and engaging environment.

Who should attend this course?

This course is effective for both experienced and inexperienced presenters who:

  • Are looking to add something new to their approach in effective personal communication
  • Are in new positions of Management/Leadership who may require a broader range of communication skills
  • Have been entrusted to bring Change to their organization and are looking for a different approach in communicating these changes
  • Are looking for the competitive edge in promoting themselves
  • Are seeking a more effective way in communicating not only what they know, but who they are

What is the course outcome?

By the end of the session you will have:

  • Developed a detailed personal profile of your strengths and your areas of development as an effective communicator
  • Explored a variety of tools and techniques in theory and practice to help enhance your personal impact
  • Plotted a personal plan to help maximise your learning

Who is the course leader?

Charles Serio is the Artistic Director at Serio Ensemble Arts Group. Charles is a professional actor and drama teacher with a background in Improvisation and Devising. He works internationally across the public and private sectors both as a facilitator and role-player for a wide range of organisations.

Charles is Artistic Director for Serio Ensemble an Arts Group that focuses on new work and new techniques in performance. Many of the exercises in the Personal Impact workshop were developed over the years by Charles working with professional actors. The aim was to find more effective ways to connect and influence within improvisations and hence with other people.

In 1995 Charles began to take this type of approach in communication to a business environment to much success. His gift is to bridge the gap between the artistic and corporate environments. His exercises are designed to be effective whatever the participant's working background.

Current and past clients include: Nokia, Ford, Unilever, SAP, Royal College of Surgeons, The Arts Council (Board), The Office of Public Management (Board and Staff), and many others.

What is the course agenda?

Registration and coffee is from 9.30am. Participants in Personal Impact begin the day with a programme overview and introductions. Each delegate will then present a pre-prepared short section of a presentation they have given previously (2 to 5 minutes max.) or a section of one they hope to give in future. This is the starting point for identifying individual needs and requirements for the day.

The exercises that follow focus on different individual areas of improvement in technique:

  • "Active Relaxation" before speaking
  • Effective Breathing techniques
  • Body Language
  • Projection
  • Articulation
  • Tempo
  • Use of Humour and Metaphor
  • Creative Structuring of the Presentation itself

Each individual focused area for improvement is then put into practical context with a presentation exercise. So what is being learned is then put immediately into practice.


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