LinkedIn Company Profile

Why should you choose the LinkedIn Company Profile course?

Once you have a personal profile on LinkedIn that reflects your value, you understand the essentials of making LinkedIn work, it emails you lists of easy to reach clients and you are starting to get personal success on LinkedIn it is then time to address your company profile needs.

Our Company Profile workshop will teach you how to build your company's online LinkedIn presence, to display to over two thirds of the professionals on the planet your business brand, key themes, and share with them all your latest news and updates.

The functionality on company profiles is very impressive. It includes advanced functionality that even allows you to configure some aspects of your company profile in context to the viewer, eg English for UK viewers, French for viewers from France etc. All very clever, but simple to implement and easy to maintain once you know how.

LinkedIn can also tell you a lot about companies you would like to work with, how they are made up, their competitors, staff locations and so much more – unlock this useful source of data to make approaches to new potential business clients so much easier.

Who should attend this course?

SME business leaders, marketing managers and directors, as well as those developing the business brand online.

What is the course outcome?

The training is delivered in an informal workshop style so that you can bring your laptop with you and apply techniques with an expert on hand. The session is based on a "talk a bit" then "do a bit" model so you create your own company page in the session.


  • An introduction to and overview of the entities within LinkedIn.
  • An overview of the company profile functionality.

Using LinkedIn as a research tool

  • How businesses can use LinkedIn as a research tool.
  • How to automatically track the evolution of a business over time and receive regular updates.
  • How to find out the information you need about a business in order to write better proposals to them.
  • How to use the company search function.

Creating your company profile

  • How to create your company page right there in the training course with instructor support.
  • How to protect your company page from being hacked by unauthorised people.
  • How to build a compelling company profile which includes all the key themes or showcases.
  • How to integrate your YouTube video content for more engagement.
  • How to create banner advertisements for your LinkedIn company page that are relevant to your audience.
  • How to maximise the language, style and SEO potential of your company profile.
  • How to personalise the appearance of your company profile so it more closely matches the needs of individual viewers or companies.

Reinforcing your value

  • How to track the statistics of views, according to followers and demographics.
  • How to keep your audience engaged.
  • How to use targeted advertising and sponsored updates.

You can make LinkedIn a high value tool that will have an effect on you, your future and your success. To enable you to create your own LinkedIn organisational profile you need to have a company email address and a role on your profile that shows you work at the same company. If you are not sure about either of these please just get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

Who is the course leader?

With over 27 years of sales experience, and more than eight years on LinkedIn, James Potter is the leading provider of LinkedIn sales training and consultancy for business professionals trying to make more sales and make LinkedIn work for them.

Since he started using LinkedIn in corporate life as a Sales Director it enabled him to build new relationships, remind clients of breadth of value and get engagements worth over £10 million in sales in his first six years alone.

Enjoying a successful career in a diverse array of industries has allowed him to understand how to make LinkedIn work: what matters and what doesn't if you want to grow a flourishing business through relationships.

James now helps companies of all sizes across the world from leading corporations such as BMW, Dell, IBM and Unilever to small businesses.

He focuses on the practical and tactical skills needed to succeed when using LinkedIn.

What is the course agenda?


Registration at techUK London reception


Review of the company search function.

How to locate and Use LinkedIn to track how a business evolves over time.

Overview of the ways to use LinkedIn as a research tool for companies.

How to find out about the businesses you'd like to know so that you can write better proposals.

Overview of the company profile functionality.

How to locate and Use LinkedIn to track how a business evolves over time.

Overview of the ways to use LinkedIn as a research tool for companies.

How to find out about the businesses you'd like to know so that you can write better proposals

Overview of the company profile functionality.


Create your own LinkedIn company profile page.

How to secure your company page from being 'hacked'.

Learn how to administer, secure and manage your company profile.

Workshop session for your to create your own company profile with the support of the in room expert.

Discuss strategies and learn how to implement showcase pages.

Learn how to share messages and rich content to your page viewers and followers or particular demographic groups.

How to attract more followers.

Discussion and demonstration of the costed sponsoring and advertising options.




techUK Members - £395.00 
Non Members - £595.00  
(Prices exclude VAT)

If you are not sure whether your company is a member of techUK, click here to check first to ensure you pay the correct price for the course you are booking. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact


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