charles-serioCourse leader: Charles Serio

Artistic Director, Serio Ensemble Arts Group

Courses name: The Sales MOT process & Personal Impact and Presentation

I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I got out of the Personal Impact and Presentation workshop. Charles Serio, the facilitator, was very engaging, particularly with his ‘sayings’ to help you remember key points, and he kept the day running at a good pace with some fun exercises along the way. I came away with many top tips on how I can personally improve the effectiveness of my presentations and ultimately increase the chances of getting my point across to the audiences I face. Thank you Charles for a really valuable day.

Neil Aries - Managing Director, Critical Software Technologies Ltd

The personal impact course is a great way to learn new skills and create a really impressive presentation style. The course leader was excellent and really worked with the group to get everybody to participate in the day.

Colleen McCann - Public Sector Marketing Manager, Amor Group

This is a very enjoyable and interactive session. One of the few courses I have been on where all the objectives listed by the attendees at the start of the day had been addressed by the end.

John Stubley - Cabinet Office

I attended the Personal Impact and Presentation course with a degree of reluctance, however within 10 minutes it became abundantly clear that Charles Serio is nothing short of an eccentric genius and a master of his art. His unique perspective has not only added value to my professional career but has enriched my personal life by sparking an awareness of a powerful personality aspect from the far reaches of the unconscious mind. I highly recommend this experience to anyone.

Nick Stanisavljevic - Account Manager, REDTRAY Limited

Excellent, great value for money. Small group ensured we had personal attention and plenty of opportunities to put into practice new skills, absorb pointers and learn about style and communication methods.

Nigel Strutt, UK Director - Trade and Industrial Development, Lockheed Martin UK

This course was superb! Not only was it fun and engaging, but it has equipped me with a number of simple techniques that have improved my presenting skills, and thus my confidence & impact.

Kate Craig-Wood - MD, Memset Ltd




Course leader: Salma Shah

Director, Beyond HR Consulting Limited
Courses: Commercial Awareness and Leadership Skills for Techies, Winning Demos, Leadership and Coaching Skills for Technical Managers, Interviewing Skills for Technical Managers, Winning Demos for Marketing Masterclass

I found the course very helpful and informative. It made me appreciate how different types of people best receive the information you present them and also how to plan/design a demonstration or presentation such that each stakeholder present gets the information that they need. I have already put what I have learnt into practice and have found that the presentation went much better because of it.

Geraint Robinson, Senior Test Specialist|Business Analyst, Toplevel Computing Ltd


Due to the schedules of attendees we opted for an in-house training session out of London which allowed the trainer to tailor the course to our specific business segment. The course was excellent and the trainer engaging. While it covered some items we know we should be doing (but may not be), it stressed the importance and reasoning behind the processes of these and will result in a change of our internal working patterns. The majority of the session dealt with the psychology of selling to different personality groups and how to best engage with them. A real eye opener, even for the 'long in the tooth' pre sales and sales team members. I would not hesitate to recommend this course (though not to our competitors!), not just for pre sales and demonstrators, but also for the sales team in general.

Adrian Watts - Agfa HealthCare

I found the Winning Demo's course very enlightening and the course tutor very knowledgeable. The course brought out many areas that should be considered during the preparation that I had not previously thought about.

Paul Coggan - Senior Information Analyst, iSOFT, a CSC Company

The Winning Demo's course was enlightening, engaging and highly credible given Salma's vast experience in both sales and pre-sales roles, her introduction to the psychology methods that can be applied to assist in the selling process will I am sure prove invaluable as will the structure suggested. It will definitely make me re-evaluate my approach to demonstrations going forward.

Sarah Heath - Account Manager, ediTRACK

The Winning Demos course content was diverse and interesting, and the course leader Salma was incredibly engaging. The course provided me with invaluable information on how to prepare and execute effective demos. Additional course contact also included an new insight into different personality types and how to spot this typing within your demo audience, and therefore adjust your own behaviour to suit the audience – I found this fascinating.

Claire Irving - Account Manager, Equisys plc

I found the session extremely useful and thought provoking. It never occurred to me, how important Psychology can be within selling, especially in a Demo environment.

Tom York - Business Developer, Capgemini UK

The course provided a brilliant insight into improved ways to prepare a successful demo. I took away some really useful tips and feel much more confident in how best to deal with the audience.I would recommend this course to anyone working in sales or pre sales.

Ruth Scholey-Jones - Account Manager, ediTRACK

A fun and informative day, the exposure to how to create a compelling story is essential to knowing how presentations small and large can be made more effective.

Danny Ratcliffe - Commercial Lead, Boeing Defence UK Limited




Course leader: Gavin Meikle BSc

Head of Learning, Inter-Activ

Course: Time Management Magic

An excellent course – by far the most useful course I have ever been on and I think it will really help me improve my efficiency and skills as a manager.

Lucy P. Phipps

With just a few simple techniques, Gavin helped my team to work better and be more productive. His relaxed training style coupled with a focused approach on the matter in hand made for a really enjoyable and interesting session, which allowed everyone to be involved. We all walked away with at least one new technique for helping us better manage our workloads and working day. Well worth the time!

Rachel C - WSX Enterprise




Course leader: Ian Henley

Chairman, ChangeBEAT

Courses: Leadership and change management for tech company executives, Benefits Mapping. What’s in it for you? Consultative Selling

A good introduction to the topic of customer value and how to start getting to the bottom of it. As well as the general concepts, the course covers some really useful tools that were new to me, for example RICE mapping. Another really useful part of the course was the discussion with other delegates about their experiences and good and bad practices happening in their companies. It is great food for thought that sends you back to work full of ideas.

Chris Munday - Head of Product Development, RM Education

The course was professionally delivered with high quality content. The highlight for me were the well thought-out and clearly defined role-plays, which made it easier to engage with and treat seriously. I learned new negotiation techniques as well as reinforcing those I already knew, making me consciously think about ensuring I implement them.

Andy Shaw - Business Development Manager, Envitia

I found the course extremely useful to learn about the formal styles of leadership and how to adapt them to suit individuals and teams that one is leading. The trainer was excellent, drawing on his experience and on case studies to give examples to illustrate the content of the course. I would recommend this to any leader who wants to improve on their performance to a higher level.

Dr Arthur Barlow - Chief Technology Officer - Excelitas Technologies Corp




Course leader: Dr Ian Chisholm

Intercultural Leadership Trainer and Consultant

Courses: Enhancing performance for an intercultural high-tech business

Engaging, interesting, enthusiastic.

Jana Filosof - Principal Lecturer, University Of Hertfordshire

Easy to understand and digest.

Ali Said - Ee Company

Very enthusiastic and engaging.

Xiangping Du - Academic Advisor, University Of Hertfordshire




Course leader: Gareth Bunn

Director, Gareth Bunn Consulting Limited

Courses: Persuasive presentation design

Very professional presentation!

Rockwell Collins UK - Lead Auditor

Excellent, only wish I had done this course 30 years ago!

Technical Authority - BAE Systems

Excellent course, with tangible models and tools to improve presentations.

Campaign Leader - BAE Systems

I thoroughly enjoyed this highly thought provoking day. It was clearly presented and, consequently, easy to understand and take away the principles. I shall certainly put my new found knowledge to practical use in both large and small presentations.

Lesley-Anne Bryant - Marketing Manager, MyAmego Healthcare Ltd

Gareth is a skilled practitioner who was able to get everybody to participate and therefore leave with their first presentation complete using the structured model of the 'Kipper'

Brian McAuliffe - Compliance Officer, Dell

A very knowledgeable course; I feel I am taking a lot away from the day, including confidence. Gareth presented very well.

Natasha Elliott - MyAmego Healthcare Ltd

As you would imagine an excellent presentation course with a number of really useful ideas that will be used on my return to work.

Simon Eaves - Associate Director, d2m3 (Cadassist)

An excellent and useful course delivered by a superb communicator. It brings a new meaning to the phrase 'stitched up like a kipper'.

David Pitcher - Business Development Manager, Power Plus Communications

A very informative day which has given me plenty to think about for the future. I am certain my presentations to come will be vastly different from what they would have been without the course.

Business Analyst - Human Recognition Systems Ltd

Very professional presenter

Ray Hudson - Senior (QA) Lead Auditor, Rockwell Collins UK

Excellent course, with tangible models and tools to improve presentations

Mark Ferris - Campaign Leader, BAE Systems

Excellent, only wish I had done this course 30 years ago!

Andy Glaze - Technical Authority, BAE Systems




Course leader: Richard Stephens

Solicitor, The Law Office of Richard Stephens

Courses: Understanding and mastering contracts

I found the Contract Law course very useful. The course highlighted that all employees are able to impact the ability of the business to protect itself from legal challenges, not just those who negotiate the original contracts. Directors, managers, project teams, sales teams and operations managers particularly within SMEs would greatly benefit from attending this course. Highly recommended.

Michelle Hulse - Head of Finance, Securestorm Ltd

I work with contracts on a daily basis, and this course has given me a more thorough understanding of the basics of English contract law. Richard Stephens is incredibly experienced and pitches this course at just the right level and tempo.

David Shaw - Mapping Specialist, Paragon Software Systems plc

I have been on many courses since university but this was the best course I have ever been on.

Commercial manager - attending a similar in-house seminar

Richard's seminar was, in truth, a master class. Absolutely superb. Rich in content and delivered with humour too. Well done Richard. Only problem.......it gets me thinking about all those exclusion clauses, indemnities etc. etc. Ah well.

Private practice lawyer - after attending the speaker's annual contracts update for the Society for Computers & Law

The contract law course was concise, well-structured and clear. It was exhilarating to have covered so much in so short a time. Attention was usefully drawn to the points of most relevance to commercial practitioners who did not have the benefit of a legal background.

Josh Berle, Government Sales Director, VocaLink Limited

An engaging and very interactive course offering a one-of-a-kind look at contracts within the context of the information technology landscape. Richard is an approachable and user-friendly presenter and the course is well worth attending for professionals involved in the contract negotiation process.

Laura Poole, Bid & Contracts Advisor - Iken Business Ltd

The training class was slick and insightful; with knowledge gained being directly applicable to a working environment. Richard has an outstanding understanding of the subject matter, but it was his ability to construct and communicate a well-paced, digestible and inclusive course that I was truly thankful for.

Graeme Lea - General Dynamics

A great course, well presented and aimed at the manager with no specific law training. Would recommend as an introduction to the pitfalls and simple mitigations to prevent contract disaster.

Chris Eldridge - Director of Operations, Mayden





ChrisWhyattCourse leader: Chris Whyatt

Founding Director of, Practical Bid Solution

Courses: Producing better proposals, Developing your Organisation’s Bid Capability

A fantastic and really useful course, which is really valuable for anyone involved in preparing proposals! Three years after attending, we still follow Chris's advice to help us prepare and make submissions to potential customers and the course has been instrumental in us winning great business from some leading organisations.

Rachael Mackwell - Sales Director, Postcode Anywhere

My single biggest personal objective for the day was to find a better/easier/less painful way of writing the Management Summary. The step by step process to identify the key elements needed for the MS makes the actual writing of it a much easier proposition. I often leave training courses trying to rationalise the value I have gained against the time I have lost. Yesterday I had no problems in that area as the day was extremely valuable. I would recommend it to anyone in an organisation with responsibility for producing proposal documents.

Nigel Haines - Sales Account Manager InterSystems UK

The philosophy and processes to producing 'better proposals' was laid out fantastically well allowing even a sales person to follow. I found the course to be of huge benefit to me in gaining focus and structure to something I always felt was out of control. The processes for bid management and compiling the executive summary will be used by me forever more. The course exceeded my expectations and met all of my objectives for the day.

Robert Skinner - Sales Manager – Financial Services, InterSystems

I came away feeling excited at the thought that we could apply some of the concepts and ideas to our pre-sales processes with the expectation that we better appreciate opportunities and become more effective in our approach. Key to me was having laid out before me was something that extends our existing bid processes from a mechanical exercise to something much more creative and focused. This demonstrates a need to focus less on the technical side of proposals and solutions but much more on developing a value proposition that exceeds the clients stated needs.

Mark Pickering - National Bid Manager, Sopra Group



Course leader: James Potter

Director, The Linked In Man

Course: Time Management Magic

Over 25% of my income is derived from LinkedIn contacts.

The course is exceptional value and a must for any person in business serious about success. James' delivery of the program is nicely paced, however the real gem is his ability to link each of the attendees actual business to the power of LinkedIn. To date I have secured more than £125,000 extra business purely from the tools learned on James' courses.

James ran an in-house course for my team and I lost count of the 'wow' moments! He made LinkedIn come alive for all of us - his knowledge and humour made the event hugely enjoyable and a great CPD activity. Within 24 hours after the event one of my consultants had gained 2 high level meetings - a great result! James really 'walks the talk' as well - he's since given me a couple of introductions too - thanks a lot James!

The Consultancy Company

An excellent session that has transformed our use of LinkedIn. There is so much powerful stuff hidden "under the bonnet" that, without James's help, would go unexploited. I would highly recommend this course.

Hughes Ellard

Excellent course. James is not only entertaining, but very pragmatic in how you can use LinkedIn to help develop your business. Well done. Highly recommended.

Best Practice Group Plc

Insightful and slickly delivered, I’d really recommend it.


James has a unique service offering for clients in this field, the ability to help you articulate and project the best version of yourself to others through the relatively new forum of social media. With an excellent command of the lexicon of business/commercial language and in depth knowledge of the tool James in a few short sessions can empower some profound changes. Are you time poor and juggling competing priorities and want an impact presence on LinkedIn - contact James.


As a firm we are looking at how we can best coordinate our presence on LinkedIn to improve our interaction with existing and prospective clients. A single session with James was all it took to be convinced that he really understands the importance of firm profiling as well as the value to us of using LinkedIn properly. There's much more to it than we realised and James made sure he understood us first - exactly as we like to do with our own clients. Invaluable insights and a few neat tricks too!

Rothman Pantall LLP

James has an amazing knowledge of LinkedIn which he uses with his ability to think strategically. He is able to suggest how to use LinkedIn to help people realise its full potential.

Chamber of Commerce

James Potter represents the next wave of dynamic individuals that thrive on internet culture and its impact on business. His great skill in creating provocative profiles enables both individuals and companies to put a pulse into branding influence. His thought leadership and knowledge of successful networking has influenced not only myself but the colleagues I have spoken to about his "art". Not only is James going places but he can take you there too.


A fantastic fast moving introduction to enhance your understanding and use of the power of LinkedIn, by James who is a master!

I have to say that I have increased 10 times since James’ presentation.

Insightful. Really is an iceburg – I only saw the tip.

An incredibly pragmatic and useful workshop. If like me, you want to get more out of LinkedIn, I can’t recommend this “Essentials” course enough. Excellent value for money.




Course leader: Chris Hadden

Director, Qeons Consulting Ltd

Course: The Bids and Proposals

The Project Management Section course exceeded expectations, providing insightful and topical material in a truly structured manner. The content, skills and techniques learnt can be effortlessly transferred to my day-to-day role. I would highly recommend the combined content, presenter and delivery of the course.

Adam Smith, Account Manager - BAE Systems Applied Intelligence



Chris Farthing

Course leader: Chris Farthing

Managing Director, Advice Cloud


The Welcome to G-Cloud was very informative and the trainer Chris Farthing was very knowledgeable about the subject matter providing valuable tips and suggestions in terms of practically using G-Cloud as a supplier and also form a buyers perspective. A very worthwhile few hours.

Andrew Miller - Chief Operating Officer, Corero




Carl Steele

Course leader: Carl Steele

Partner and Head of Trade Marks, Ashfords LLP


A very useful overview, including a checklist for us to audit our existing IP protection and for new product launches.

Steve Tootill - CEO, helpIT systems group



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Course leader: Zahid Ghadialy

Technical Programme Manager, techUK

Course: Mobile Technology Evolution: 1G to 5G

I attended a TechUK session 'Mobile tech evolution' with very limited knowledge and didn't really know what to expect! Zahid, our host, was absolutely fantastic- instantly he promoted a relaxed atmosphere in which 'no question is a silly question'. I'm pleased to say I managed to participate throughout the session and came out with invaluable insight which is great for my job.

Lucy Woods, Digital and Social Media Coordinator - Cambridge Wireless


As a business leader in the communications environment I found the summary, anecdotes and overview of 3G to 5G particularly useful as a refresher and alternate view. Thank you.

Paul Wells, Director of Communications, Navigation, and ISR - QinetiQ




Course leader: Lenore Ogilvy

Director, Conbrio Associates

Course: An introduction to the NHS and technologies

An introduction to the NHS and technologies’ course, we decided to attend because we were finding it very difficult to navigate our way through the NHS labyrinth. By the end of the session, as a business we now have a clear understanding of the complex NHS structure (who does what, and why) and where to find relevant information in the public domain. In terms of value for money… it’s probably the best half-day training I’ve ever been on.

Sandy Gilchrist, Chief Operating Officer - LifeBank



Course leader: Mike Fish

Director, Founder BigData4Analytics


A useful primer on what big data is, the many forms it is taking, and its likely influence in future. Mike Fish keeps things high level and clear, and relates points of principle to numerous real-life case studies to bring the discussion alive.

Josh Berle, Government Sales Director - VocaLink Limited


Jackie Down

Course leader: Jackie Down

Director, Founder BigData4Analytics


I am not a technical person (I work in sales) currently with little to no knowledge of Big Data but it is an area I’m keen to expand my knowledge. This course was easy to follow, gave me a good foundation understanding of the technology that enables Advanced Analytics and I have already recommended it to colleagues.

John Smith Account Director - Financial Services, CenturyLink Technology UK Ltd


Maria G Vigliotti

Course leader: Maria G Vigliotti

Co-Founder, Sanblocks Consulting


Maria provides a fantastically engaging but realistic overview of the potential for Blockchain. It was great to consolidate my knowledge and consider practical issues in a diverse group environment.

Simon Warburton - Principal Associate Mills & Reeve LLP

The Blockchain masterclass organised by techUK was a great session with delegates from various industry domains. Without being biased on any particular industry, it gave a very good detailed insight about Blockchain technology, core concepts & security, and helped think of use cases or challenge them. It also helped rationalise myth busters rather than just knowing them. It was amazing how people’s viewpoints changed to a more positive aspect of the distributed ledger technology after the session.

Nirjhar Saha - Senior Business Solutions Architect, Agiliti



Daryl Woodhouse

Course leader: Daryl Woodhouse

Head of Strategy and Leadership, Advantage Business Partnerships


It was a very useful interactive session that provided an opportunity to discuss practical challenges that many of us face.

Steve Tootill - helpIT systems group



Ian Andrews

Course leader: Ian Andrews

Director, 1230 Consulting

Course: Executive Strategy & Policy Development, 19 Sep 17


I really enjoyed the Executive Strategy & Policy Development course I attended at TechUK. Material was very relevant for me, particularly around how you construct the strategy messages to senior teams. I found Ian Andrews to be very knowledgeable on the subject, and he balanced extremely well a relaxed style to the day and healthy debate with ensuring all the course objectives were met.

Neil Aries - Managing Director, Critical Software Technologies Ltd



Maria Borstnar

Course leader: Maria Borstnar

Consumer Psychologist, Elective Affinities Ltd


Maria brings fresh perspectives to MemberWise national conferences and events, challenging and inspiring our members to conasider new ways of engaging people that matter to them

Richard Gott - Chair & Founder, MemberWise Network



Chris Hewitt

Course leader: Chris Hewitt

CEO, Berkeley Communications Group


The Storytelling in Business course was exceptional. Smart content, very engaging and I've come away with the inspiration (and tools), to use stories more effectively at work. Thank you.

Kathleen Collier - Marketing Communications, Equal Experts




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