• Supercharging the Digital Economy 2017
  • Supercharging the Digital Economy 31 October 2017

    Securing the UK's Leadership in a Global Economy

Why attend?

Join a host of expert speakers to hear how you can take advantage of the digital tools which have become the single most effective driver for economic productivity, growth and social benefits.


When and where:

Tuesday 31 October

The Crystal, London


Partner with us

If you're a company using new, exciting technology or using existing products in a revolutionary way please get in touch.



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At What Price Progress? Read techUK's Giles Derrington on getting Brexit negotiations to phase 2: https://t.co/hYmogE2uFw
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See @techUKdepCEO's commentary on this week's #Brexit negotiations in Brussels https://t.co/EfhkenIV3Y
How does the digital sector underpins the global economy? Register for #Supercharging17 here: https://t.co/eVPDpyfyHu
The latest steps on Harrow Council's innovation Journey, @NirajDattani shares what the next steps are https://t.co/bP58RIft8V