Advanced Health & Care
advanced-health-careWe are very pleased with techUKescrow software escrow service, which is simple to operate and competitive.



Amanda Duff, Office Manager, CDS Computer Design Systems Limited
CDS-Computer-Design-Systems-LimitedCDS has used the escrow service from techUKescrow for many years. The process of setting up agreements is a very straightforward procedure for both ourselves and our clients, involving a minimal amount of administration. Whenever we have required help or advice, techUKescrow has acted very promptly to provide it.


Andrew Anderson, CEO, Celaton
celatonIn an industry where suppliers take some pleasure in weaving complexity around their product, it's refreshing to work with techUKescrow who deliver their escrow services with a no-nonsense approach. 


chaseChase became a member of techUKescrow's agreement in 1998 and has three major clients for whom they have Escrow agreements whereby source code is lodged with techUKescrow on a regular basis.

The relationship and service between techUKescrow, Chase Information Technology Services and their Clients has remained professional and consistent throughout that time.

Chase sends the source code deposit by secure means to techUKescrow on a six monthly basis. Each separate deposit is acknowledged by techUKescrow immediately it is received.

Each time a new deposit is sent the previous deposit is returned to Chase promptly and securely by techUKescrow.

Chase is happy to recommend this service to any company considering using techUKescrow's facility as being safe and secure.


Phil Devon, Director, Cognitix 360
Cognitix360Establishing our Escrow account with techUKescrow was simplicity itself, thanks to the professional approach of the team.



Sarah Heath - Account Manager, ediTRACK
ediTRACKWe see techUKescrow's service as an integral part of our companies' software-as-a-service offering. Our customers have reassurance that their business critical source code is secure and procedures are in place to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity; this demonstrates ediTRACK's on-going commitment to our customers and their business.


Alistair Hardie, Managing Director, ManSys Limited
mansysOur software becomes the core operational platform for our clients conducting their international trade or export business around the globe. We are, however, just a UK based SME company; techUKescrow's Escrow Service provides our prospective clients with the additional confidence to commit to our software for the long term, despite our size.


Guy Mucklow, Managing Director, Postcode Anywhere
postcode-anywhereAt Postcode Anywhere, we've found techUKescrow's service to be a very useful way to date-stamp the source code we generate for patent purposes.
We've found the service to be very reliable, secure and the team at techUKescrow to be very friendly and helpful. If there's a hint of a problem we get an answer quickly and efficiently.

As a cost-effective process which gives us as great peace of mind, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend techUKescrow's escrow services to any organisation wishing to protect their intellectual property.


Contact us if you have any questions:



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