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Payments Innovation 2015 - FinTechs


Epiphyte smallEpiphyte is a distributed ledger network technology which provides financial institutions with back-end services for engaging in the world of
distributed ledger technology. Epiphyte's technology provides for fund transfers guarantees that match the Blockchain transfers which are instant, irreversible, audit-able and utilize smart contracts.



Millipay smallmilliPay is the service provider for micropayment-systems.

The company was founded in Switzerland in February 2011. milliPay is made up of a team of specialists from various fields who work together with their partners to achieve a common goal: We make paid content affordable.



Ravelin smallRavelin is the fraud prevention platform for the world's online marketplaces and growing ecommerce vendors.

We work with merchants to analyse their customer behaviour and transactions with powerful machine learning technology and their own rules, to provide extremely accurate fraud detection. Information and decisions are instant, allowing orders and payments to be accepted with confidence and at the speed needed to build dynamic businesses.




Sedii smallSedicii has developed and patented a technology based on the Zero Knowledge Proof Protocol that eliminates the transmission, storage and exposure of private user data during authentication or identity verification. This reduces identity theft, impersonation and any
resulting fraud. Sedicii adheres to the "Right To Be Forgotten" privacy regulation and enables users to continue to consume digital services without having to expose their private data while still proving they are who they say they are. In essence, they can reclaim their identity and regain control over how it is consumed by others.



Squirrel smallSquirrel is an alum of Barclays Techstars, a current member of Wayra UnLtd, is a recent winner of the WIRED and Pitch@Palace competitions for their innovation. Squirrel was profiled as one of the '50 Hottest Financial Technology Companies in Europe' as an inductee to the FinTech50 list.

Squirrel is a financial wellbeing platform designed to empower people to regain control of their finances. They partner with employers to provide employees with simple saving, budgeting and bill-management tools that plug directly into payroll.



xWare42 smallxWare42 have developed a platform that enriches a financial transaction with additional information. For instance, payment details on a bank statement can be enriched by adding information such as receipts, addresses, opening hours, service numbers and other details about the retailers.

This gives customers a more helpful picture of their purchases while allowing banks and partner retailers to offer personalized discounts, reduce customer inbound calls and encourage further transactions.

Increased clarity will also reduce disputes and enhance fraud reduction whilst driving more customers to their online statement rather than rely on expensive paper based statements. xWare42 believes without data enrichment the banks massive financial investment in CRM systems will never be fulfilled to its maximum.

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@Ktlougilbert Hi Katie-lou - please DM us with more details and I'll check it out. I am unsure about what you are asking.



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